I’m so useless and worthless

i cant even make the person i care about the most happy. what use am i? i cant make anybody happy. i do my best but everytime i always fail and everyone ends up hating me. i need to be better but i can’t be. i’m really trying my best so why isn’t it ever good enough? why am i never good enough? for just once can i do one thing right? i’ve never been good enough for anybody. i try and i try in friendships where i care about people to make them happy and make them feel just a little bit better but i can never do it. i’m never the right person. i don’t want anything in return, i just want to see them happy and yet i cant ever do that. why? just for a second i want them to smile and not have to feel the pain they feel but i can’t do it. why cant i do it??? why is it so hard? i’m selfish. my friends make me happy just by talking to me and i smile when i simply receive a message and yet i do my best to make them smile and i can’t. it’s selfish, isn’t it? i just take and take but i can never give. it’s always like this. i just want to give up. i want to be alone and not have to make things worse for everybody


Hey friend. That feeling of not being good enough is so difficult isn’t it? By coming here with this post saying how you want to make others happy shows you aren’t selfish at all. Your brain is lying to you. I’m sure you do make your friends happy, you care about them a lot and it shows. What makes you think you don’t make your friends happy?


out of curiosity, are these things people have said to you? Have your friends and that person told you directly, with those words, that you’re not helping, that you’re actually making things worse for them?


Dear @echo

You have such a caring heart, I’m so sorry you feel like you are not able to help your friends.

It’s not your job to fix your friends, it’s not your job to ensure their happiness. There is only so much can be done in that scope.

Friendship is not a transaction and if your friend is able to make you happy that is great. But the burden is not on you to make them happy.

Understanding if your friend is hurting or is sad it can really impact your empathy and make you want to fix things. I really think you are a great person and care so much for other’s feelings. You may want to establish your own emotional boundaries so that they don’t affect you so badly.

With care <3/Mish


From: twixremix (Discord)

hi echo! you’re a great friend for wanting the best for your friends. they truly are lucky to have you, please never lose sight of that truth. i am willing to bet that you make them feel the same way you feel when they message/talk to you but they probably don’t show it on the outside as much. while you can’t speak for your friends, if a friend of mine shared that they’d only want the best for me and for me to be happy, especially during one of my lowest points, i’d be incredibly happy on the inside. so thank you for being there for your friends and showing them what friendship really means. and hey, while it’s not your responsibility to ensure their happiness, you’re doing a great job of just being there for them. sending you love and the best of vibes your way, echo, i hope you’re able to smile with your friends real soon <3 love, twix

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From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hi Echo, Thanks for your post, I love the fact that you want the people that you care for to be happy, I love that you want people in your life to smile and not feel pain and its very selfless to not want anything in return but this opens you up to being used and treated exactly how you feel you are being and friend I have to tell you, that you are allowing that to happen. It is time that you take care of you because you deserve to have everything you are giving to everyone else and in turn that will earn you the respect you also very much deserve. I know it sounds harsh but its true. People dont hate you friend they just know that they can do what ever they like because you will just keep on giving. so maybe its time to take a stand and start saying no sometimes or even asking for a little something. Friendship is a two way street. You Deserve it. You are Worth that. Much Love. Lisa