I’m sorry

I’ve tried so hard but I can’t, i made a post yesterday but it’s just getting worst, I’m thinking bout ending it all, it’s like there is a voice telling me to do it even tho there is another telling me to keep trying, I can’t deal with this any longer, I’m so afraid I just can’t do this


Hey @BORK , thank you so much for being here and for sharing because that takes so much strength. I am so glad that you are here. I read your post yesterday as well, and I am so sorry to hear about the things you are going through because that just sounds incredibly difficult.

I have very similar thoughts of feeling like a failure and that I can’t do anything right, so I can at least somewhat relate to what you are going through and know how terrible of a feeling that can be. You are not alone. I’m sorry that your family doesn’t support you because you do not deserve that. You deserve to be heard and loved. Something that has helped me is realizing that I have inherent worth and value regardless of what other people think of me. It is really hard for me at least not to constantly seek approvals from others, but this has at least helped me realize my identity is not found in that.

I believe that you are stronger than you think you are and I also believe that what is true today does not have to be true tomorrow. I know things may be dark right now, but please hold fast and stay with us and we can shoulder it together. This community is here for you and wants the best for you. Please feel free to DM me if you ever just need someone to talk to. You have options. Not sure if you have used any of these, but just wanted to share some resources that could potentially help you. Again, thank you so much for being here. I believe that this world is a better place with you in it. You are loved :black_heart:

Resources | HeartSupport

Crisis text line - text HOME to 741741

Suicide hotline - 1-800-273-8255

National suicide prevention chat - http://chat.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/GetHelp/LifelineChat.aspx

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We see you, we see the pain you’re feeling.
if you are not safe right now, please talk to someone, please reach out to a hotline.

I know that you are feeling pressured and lots of negative emotions right now, but this is not your forever. This is not how you’re always going to be!
Things will can get better, things can change, you can get to a place (physically and mentally/emotionally) where you have more freedoms and the ability to be your true self. You just have to survive this friend. This is hopefully that hardest fight you have to go through. There are so many people here rooting for you, caring about you. I hope you know that we all want the best for you and I believe that better moments are ahead for you.

Survive this friend, call a hotline, talk to a friend or trusted adult/teacher?
You Matter, and the world is better with you in it.


I don’t think I can survive this anymore

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You don’t have to go through this alone. we’re here to listen, call a hotline, they will listen to.

It’s hard now, I get that, it must feel like it can’t get better, but it can.

Are you safe? Please talk to someone, please tell someone that you need help. Sometimes the people who care about us are willing to help but we’re too afraid to ask for help. But if you’re hurting this much, please do what you need to do to be safe.

Are you at home right now? Is there anyone else with you?

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No one is home with me anymore and my parents just blame everything on my phone

Hey @BORK,

We’re here for you and support you the best we can. I am so sorry you’ve been through so much and that your family doesn’t support you the way they should. I can relate to these deep feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, when you can’t see any options how things could get any better. This really is the challenge, to hold onto life without any certainty or guarantee that things will get better, by trusting others who’ve been through these struggles that things do get better again.

And that’s the voice to listen to. I am glad it is there, that there is this part of you that believes in you. So do I. I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain right now.

Remember, it is not your job to meet others’ expectations. Your job is to take care of yourself. When others have a problem with who we truly are that’s their issue and that doesn’t mean there was anything wrong with us. You are loved and you are just right. Keep holding on to this rope and stay with us. You are more than worth it. Sending you hugs and much love. :hrtlegolove:

Thank you so much for those words, but I don’t think I can do this anymore but I’ll always remember ur words xx

Are you safe right now? If not, please call a crisis line.

Are you alone at home? How are you feeling right now?

@BORK Why do you think you cannot do this anymore? What do you mean by this? What would need to change right now for you to keep going? Just some questions. I don’t mean to overwhelm you, but maybe something to think about.

I believe in you and I care about you. You’re loved, BORK.

tell us, be graphic, curse, yell, call people names if you have to… maybe you can try getting some of the stress and pain out?
A lot of folks here may understand the situation you’re in, you are part of a community that comprise many people who are willing to listen, and may have some word to help you through this.

Sometimes just sharing the pain with someone like cares (like we do here) helps to bring some mental relief. Please, let us know how we an help. Let us know what’s going on.

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I mean I can’t do this pain and I can’t do this life anymore

I just want to be loved and happy

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You are loved. I totally understand though that there are times in our lives when we cannot see or feel that. However, this doesn’t mean that it will always be this way. You are capable to overcome the pain. Our bodies come with the ability to heal.

Can you sit down, breathe deeply, and allow this pain to be there? Give it space, accept it is there, don’t fight or resist it. It is okay to feel pain. Keep breathing deeply into your belly. How does this feel?

Sending you some more hugs.

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thank you for sharing that.

I can relate to that need. I’m sure there are a LOT of us here who are on this path WITH you. You are loved here. You are seen for who you are, and we like that person. Like right now, I’m happy that you replied and opened up a bit and felt safe enough to share that thought with us/me.

Pain and sadness have the sort of effect like smoke in a glass dome or bottle. When there’s a lot of it, it blocks the light from entering the bottle, it makes the world inside the bottle feel very very small.
And that feels like the reality, but it isn’t.

There’s a whole life out for you, outside that bottle. Right now you’re inside, if you wait it out, the smoke will ease up, it will settle a bit, and you will be able to get some relief from the pain. Your “now” is not your “forever”. It won’t always be like this. I hope you can power through this, use all the resources you need to survive it. Thank you for being here friend.


Hey there bork, I am so sorry that you are not doing the best :[. We all support you and your decisions and your sexuality. We are all our own people. I am also LGBT and not everyone supports it. We’re all here for eachother and thats what we do. I hope things get better for you, and I hope that you are ok!


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, I just wanted to drop you a line to see how you are feeling now and to let you know that here at heartsupport you are loved, you are not judged, you are valued and respected just as you are. We want you to keep trying and we want to support you whilst you do that so feel free to post as much as you like whilst you do it. You are an amazing person and you deserve all the happiness in the world. Please dont give up reaching for your goals. Much Love Lisa xx


From: Aces MCL36M

Hallos! I’m glad you’re trying to seek help. Doing a Permanent solution for a temporary problem. The best way to control you’re thoughts is through meditaion. I know alot of people say that but it’s honestly true being through stuff like that myself meditation is very usefull you don’t have todo it for long just for like 10 mins everytime you feel down. I believe in you fren.



Hi Bork,

Just checking in to see how you are doing.

We care about you and hope that you are ok. I’m so sorry that you are not feeling accepted. I think there are many others just like you dealing with the same thing. Know that here you are accepted and loved just as you are. You are a valued part of the Heart Support community. Please let us know how you are doing and what you’ve done to cope thru the past week. ~Mystrose


Hello Bork,

I just want to send you love & support at this moment. It is difficult to see the sun through the forest, but please know that the sun is there & it is waiting for you. Don’t let the fear overcome you. Take heart, dear one. You are stronger than you know. You are worth everything you deserve. You are loved. You are valid. You are enough. You matter…so much! :yellow_heart:

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