I’m stressing about being kick out the band

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I’m stressing about being kick out of my band. I been having a lot of back pain, moving out and just shit going on. So my practice hasn’t been perfect. So I been off time, my bandmate have making comments about that which piss me off. Like I’m sorry I’m not a fucking machine and have perfect timing all the time. I drive my wonky bassist back and forth from practice.

I do practice, but it like hard to follow the drummer and bassinet they go on tangent. And I feel the bassist is off time a lot, and the drummer keep changing shit a lot. It like the what the fuck.

I feel my playing it never good enough, are fucking poser think they the best thing ever. Metalcore musicans are the fucking worst. They all so precious and self center. They all fucking assholes, I don’t ever try relate to these morons.


Is there any other kind of music that you like or would be interested in playing?

Hey friend,

Firstly, I’m happy that you’re in a band - been looking for one myself. It’s pretty awesome that you’ve been able to even find some people to jam with and make music with! Can’t wait to hear what you all can put together!

Secondly, while jaming with people is a lot fun, it’s also really difficult to really sync with one another from time to time. If you all aren’t used to doing it, it’ll take time to get to a good spot where you don’t even have to communicate with words to one another and you can just feel what everyone is going to do. With time, the vibe between everyone will mesh and that’s when the magic really starts to happen. Give it some time and brush this kind of stuff off and chalk it up to practice. It is what it is.

I’ve been in a few bands myself and I’ve experienced this in every single one of them. You also have different personalities to deal with. You will indeed clash or butt heads from time to time, but that’s par for the course. In a weird way, this sometimes even helps the creative process for certain people. During one practice, my drummer and I got into a heated argument because he wouldn’t stop doing random fills when I was trying to talk to the band about a certain part we needed to practice. I ended up throwing a cymbal at him - the band broke us up and we took some time to cool down. When we all came back together we wrote the heaviest breakdown we had up to that point. BY NO MEANS AM I SAYING THIS IS A GOOD THING. In fact, please don’t do this at all. I’m just using this as an example that this stuff happens when you’re in a band lol.

in terms of keeping on time - practice to a metronome. You can just go to youtube, google a free one, or simply download an app. At first it’ll be weird because you’ll want to do your own thing, but overtime you get locked in with the “tap tap taps” and you’ll become better overall as a musician.

Suggest this to your entire band and you all will accelerate how well you all play and come together as a band.

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Hey Metal, thank you for being here and for sharing about this. It sucks that your experience with these other musicians has been so negative. One thing we can definitely expect when it comes to being a part of something like this, is to feel a sense of belonging and feeling uplifted because of it! It makes sense to feel frustrated if you’re constantly mirrored somehow that you wouldn’t be doing enough or somehow “fitting” well enough. I’m sorry that this has been another stressor into your life, and I hope that things could resolve for you - either through future communication with them, or by finding people you would feel completed by when it comes to music. Thinking of you today and also wishing you a speedy recovery for your back. Back pain can prevent us from doing so many things. Take it easy, friend. :heart: