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I’m stuck in a cycle


Everything is just going back to the way it was. Isolating myself and feeling so lonely all over again.


I’m sorry you feel this way. I know it hurts, but that means you’re still alive. And you’re still here. I’m glad you are still here and even though you don’t say much, you can say more if that helps. We all fall down and that’s okay. We’re here. I know you feel really lonely and I get that, but you are not as alone as you think. :slight_smile:


Thank you for trying to help me even if I don’t really deserve it.


If you don’t really deserve it? That’s a matter of opinion, my friend. I know you’re worth it. Everyone deserves to have hope.


Let You Down - Black Veil Brides
This song will tell you how I feel :slight_smile:


Not me. I know I don’t deserve hope. Many time before I’ve been reminded of that.


Don’t give up on yourself. No matter what you’ve done, you can’t eliminate the possibility of happiness and hope for yourself. No one is as unforgivable as you believe. I believe in you, and you should too, because you don’t see the little things. I wouldn’t be talking to you if I didn’t see a broken heart worth fighting for


@Dominion ,
hey there!
Please don’t isolate, isolation isn’t healthy and it makes you feel lonely, and alone. that isn’t healthy!
by the way @Bvblover16 is right and you do deserve help. you as a human have breath in your lungs to let you know you are human and you Do deserve help and hope. the truth is , YOU DO DESERVE HOPE! please don’t give up. we here as a community and the heart support workers are here to let us and you know you are NOT alone in this fight. you are loved friend! Hold fast you’re worth it!


Why do I deserve this and how is isolation not healthy? I… honestly don’t know why I post on here. Maybe it’s just the urges I have. Like not eating or me cutting myself or not talking in reality but too much in my brain.


its not healthy because its just not . your struggling and we are here to help you. I understand you may not want to tell us how you feel but you came here to tell us your stuck and you need help . you came here because you know something isnt right and asked for help.
hold fast!


@Dominion you deserve this because you are human and no one is perfect. You’re hurt enough to hurting yourself, and I don’t believe anyone deserves that. Posting on here, well it helps. You, and me for seeing you. To know we’re not alone. There’s many of us messed up people, and you know what? Pain shines a light to those who understand.


Yet, I feel so selfish when I realize I’m saying all these things and everyone else have problems worse than mine. I’m just weak and my only enemies are myself and my mom which is stupid. I’m stupid. I’m sorry.


Okay I guess and I’m sorry.


No need to apologise . It’s going to be okay


Oh, trust me, we all think we are being weak and others have worse problems. But we can’t compare ourselves to those other people because we are not in the same situation. If it hurts, really that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter how big of a problem it is, you still deserve to be heard.


Don’t apologize, and please don’t feel stupid for apologizing. I feel stupid everyday for little things, but whos standards are you living up to? Only your own, and you are not stupid like you think. You feel like it, but you are not. You never need to apologize, my friend, because this is what heartsupport is about. Let it out, or else this place would be really empty :slight_smile:


The standards I live up to are those of other people’s.


There are so many people in the world to look up to, not just the ones around you at the moment. You’re someone too, and you should be living by your own standards. Who cares if this particular society doesn’t like you, there’s the whole world to choose from


It’s not only that the society doesn’t like me, I don’t like me. I could care less if I saw myself following strangers around the street because I looked up to them, no, I’d think they’d lost their mind and they deserve to be beaten down to keep down.


You should like yourself. You are the only one in the world who will ever understand you, and sometimes when life’s a bitch, it’s you who can kick it back in the ass. I think there are things you like about yourself, even if you don’t believe it yourself.