I’m Tempted to self-harm again TW self-harm

I’m getting really tempted again to self-harm i got triggered an it hasn’t been going easy for me to not, i just want to see blood and feel like pain from the cuts.


Hey friend,

I hear you. The urge to cope by hurting yourself can be very, very intense. Each time it feels like it’s even more intense than before. It’s hard to imagine that we would be okay if we don’t hurt ourselves, just because the vulnerability and discomfort we feel at the moment is very real, and very deep.

But you’ve been through so many days without hurting yourself. You managed to thrive and use healthier ways to cope so many times. This time right now can be another victory. Nothing is written already. I’m proud of you for reaching out as you did.

If during these moments it’s hard for you to think about doing something else, maybe it would be good to try to write down a list of healthy alternatives, and keep this list somewhere next to you. That way, you wouldn’t have to overthink what you could do. You would just have to refer to the list and try. There are moments when we need to do something without thinking too much, because it’s the action itself that will happen to be effective in the long run. Healthy ways to cope are within your reach, always. The first step is the hardest one, but the more you give yourself time when you feel these urges, the less heavy it will feel.

I’d like to encourage you to also get the free app Calm Harm. It’s mostly recommendations and ideas of things to do instead of hurting ourselves. I even find it pretty useful to deal with my anxiety, when it gets too overwhelming.

You got this. We believe in you. :hrtlegolove:


okay i will try that app but i did give into the urge to the self-harm but i will get better by time.


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