I’m too passive aggressive

Things are building up… I might explode. One day it will all come out and I’m scared of the repercussions. I need counseling. I have no insurance so I can’t afford it… it’s what I need though. I’m suffering, my wife is suffering, my kids are suffering because of my lack of action taken for the good of myself and my family. I need to talk to someone who I can let it all out to. Fears, failures, and pain. I’m not bold enough to live this life. I don’t know how to explain what is wrong with me. My mind is a foggy maze created by my passivity. I hide behind my fears and failures. I do not voice my pain to anyone. I do not know how to cope and progress in this life…

Hey brother, I’ll pray for you in your situation. It is great you recognize that things aren’t where they should be and that you need help. It truly takes courage to admit that, especially for us as men. I am not sure where you live but I would encourage you to research and contact counseling centers to ask about pro bono or sliding scale payment options or if they can refer you to someone in your area who offers that. I’d also encourage you to reach out to a pastor you know or one that someone you trust goes to. Change isn’t easy; however, good things usually aren’t easy. God bless you brother. Keep us updated.

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Did you try to find someone that might understand or even your wife? I would recommend professional help sometimes they may do pro bono if you ask. Have you tried to obtain government assistance?

I am sorry that you’re going through this.