I’m trash

I’m taking meds and they were working for awhile I got my first car and I graduated high school but everyone is hunkering down on me for some reason I’m either getting yelled at or being made felt that I’m a piece of shit person, daughter, niece etc and I just want to run away
I self harm everyday for awhile not cutting but just digging at my skin it’s horrible
Help please!:pensive::pleading_face::pensive:


Ive had that before self harm being yelled at let me tell you that things are gonna get better you need to ignore those people they are just spreading lies you are not a piece of crap you have the power to tell them they are wrong and honesty they dont deserve to even talk to you.
You have other better people that will support you no matter what! One day you will get the power to tell them to stop and to leave you alone good luck my freind
(Sorry if i offended you im just a 13 year old trying to help)


Welcome to this community, we are glad that you are here with us!

I am really sorry that you arent having a great situation and that people around you, isnt helping.

I am not an expert or anything like that but I think that you should talk to the people around you and say how you are feeling, you know the only way that people can understand and learn how the other is feeling is by talking.

And please dont be so hard on yourself, you deserve to love yourself and treat yourself like you were a gift, you are worth, you deserve to people care about you!

Hang on! You arent alone and you arent a trash !

Take caree :blush:

I can assure you that you’re definitely not trash. The early time post-high school is such a tricky and sometimes difficult field to navigate. A lot of the times we’re feeling more pressure than what is actually there, and sometimes the pressure may very well be there. It’s hard because we’re often still just figuring ourselves out.

I do encourage trying to express toward those making you feel like trash how it’s affecting you personally, and how it talking down to or belittling a person isn’t going improve or help whatever the “issue” (for lack of a better word) is that they have.

If that yields little to no result, or maybe doesn’t have the most ideal outcome… Try to ask yourself to find, at minimum, one positive thing about yourself or put the spotlight on one good thing that happened throughout the course or your day, your week, your month. If more than one comes to mind about yourself and your day/week/month, embrace that you found more positive.

Sometimes life sucks big time, but trying to find at least some good can help us get through the garbage.

As someone who used to actually self-harm on the regular, I eventually was able to start utilizing my art, and only that, as the outlet rather than hurting myself. I’d let the physical aggression play out on the characters I would draw. Maybe try out some creative outlets to turn to when the urge or “need” to self-harm starts to arise as a way to distract from it. Of all the things I struggled with in high school and after, the self harm was the most difficult to overcome.

I believe in you. You’ll get through this. <3

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