I’m trying to find something just like heart support, to get support and help. But every time I join a new discord server, I get really nervous and thoughts rush through me

The other discord servers for mental health is not like Heartsupport. I honestly feel a lot safer with you guys than other communities.

I am nervous and I am kinda crying right now.

Yes, I’ll still use the forum, though.

Is there any other options that you guys may know about that may help me?

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From saffscozycorner: I tried BetterHelp a few years ago and had a good experience, but it does cost money. There might be other apps that are similar though with different price points?

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I don’t know. Maybe, thanks for the advice!

@Katelynn Yeah, it’s hard to feel like you can in the snap of a finger replicate or find something to replace somewhere you have deep relationships. Those kinds of transitions are really hard, and they’re not easy to just swap. I’ve been in the middle of a transition like that in my personal life for some time, and it’s challenging.

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Hey @Katelynn,

I’m sorry that it’s been difficult to find places where you find yourself comfortable enough. It’s true that there’s a lot of servers out there, but each has its own functioning and we’re individually resonating with it or not.

For what it’s worth, the forum is going to know some interesting changes in the near future. If you have a look at the Announcements category, you’ll see some regular updates about it posted. Practically, quite come channels on the HS Discord server and of the Forum are going to be mirrored, which means that conversations would go across both platforms. New categories will be implemented on both to discuss various topics all together. Overall, I do hope that the forum being improved is going to help you feel even more at home and safe. :slight_smile:

You are always welcome here whenenever you need. In the meantime, as Saffs mentioned above, Betterhelp can always be a good option too. If you’re a minor, you may need parental authorization to use it though, even for a trial period. Otherwise, maybe exploring the streaming network of Heartsupport? The streamers listed there are all safe and agreeing with HS values/purpose. They’re curated by us. As you’ve been discovering Casual’s streaming lately (if I remember well!), this could be an opportunity to discover friendly communities without feeling too distant from here.

Here’s the link to the network if you want:

Take good care of yourself. You are loved and you matter very much!