I’m turning into a townie/ living my paranoid parents

For past two nights I been feeling anxious and depressed. I have decent job that pay well with benefits, but don’t feel comfortable to move out my parents. It feel like I’m trap stick in someway, rent and own a house In Massachusetts is a joke.

I work as a janitor in school system and it just trap in same town and same people. I have a few friends, but I feel I’m old grow them or I’m too immature for them.

They just save money, never really go out or go to show or go leave New England. One friend is trying save for condo, which don’t wrong that really he been reasonable and being an adult.

However, I feel I’m just existing, never traveling or living life. It suck I have anxiety even driving an hour away some where. Or if by myself in house at night. Even taking a train into Boston causes a lot anxiety.

I feel I’m just existing, not living.


Hey metalskater, well I certainly do relate to the feelings of just existing. The cost of living has definitely spiked a ton and it can be extremely difficult to make it work on your own. You mentioned sometimes you feel anxious even when you’re t home by yourself, would you ever feel comfortable moving in with housemates? Or are you feeling safe where you are for the moment?
What kind of hobbies you enjoy? What is something that you’re looking forward to coming up?
Sometimes taking focus off the everyday mundane things helps make it feel like you’re moving towards something.

Dude, moving out is terrifying. Even if you lived away before and moved back home, moving out again is still terrifying. I want you to know that being uncomfortable leaving your parents is totally okay and normal.

If you wanted to move out, you can. You’d be surprised how well you can afford it once you do it. A good rule of thumb is your housing should cost 1/3 of your take home pay each month. Yeah that’s a big chunk of your income, but think: can you afford rent with that money? Can you find a cheaper neighborhood or city?

Can you live with roommates? My sister moved to DC into a room she found on Craigslist with 3 girls she’d never met before, and it was scary for her at first, but they became her best friends and welcomed her into her friend group. The flipside of that is, if you’re not looking for new besties, when I owned a condo and rented out my spare room, I just coexisted with my roommates. We talked, sometimes we did stuff together, but we also gave each other space and just kept it chill.

I understand feeling bad that you’re still living with your parents, but if you have a good thing going and you don’t hate them, there’s really nothing wrong with it. It’s your life, you don’t owe it to anyone to live beyond your means just to prove something to them. If you want to live on your own though, you might be surprised how well you can do it, even if it is scary. You’ll have to change around how you spend your money, but you’d be surprised how comfortable you can live and still have fun. I know I was.

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