I’m working for nothing

I work 60 hours a week in complete isolation. I spend all my money on random things and don’t even realize what my money goes to and before I know it it’s gone. After my long day of work I go home to nothing. No one there to talk to and I’m too tired to go out and make friends or meet someone. All the friends I used to have have families and I’m left behind. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook but it’s just my voice I’m hearing right now to keep going. And I genuinely feel like one day it won’t be enough. And I don’t even know where to start to fix this. I’m rambling and probably make no sense but if anyone knows of a way to make new friends please help. I’m 25 turning 26 in a month.

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hey man
Well you did the first step to talk about here which is awesome. It bummer you have to work alot of hours and have no time for anything. I dont you living situation or bills. But maybe if possible try cut on your working hours. If you can, their someting you can. Instead buying useless, spend on going out to dinner, that way you talking to people like a bartender, waiter or whatever. Or go to the super market. Also, try doing fun actively like rock shows or moives. Also see you can get a roomate, or pick up a passion, there something for everyone.

I may have the same sitaution, Im too single and live my parents and im 28 lol, most friends are married and have kids. So I know it hard out there, but remeber you are not alone!

Hi Friend,

I’m sorry that you are having a hard time. It sounds very lonely. I battled with such a deep loneliness for long and in my depression I’d spend money to make myself feel better. I’d splurge on art supplies and books. Candles and things that made me feel good. I’d donate money away to people even if at the end of the day they’d not notice if I was there or gone. It’s how I coped. You are not alone my friend and I’m so sorry that you are feeling how you are.

I watched a lot of my friends profess in life while I felt idle. So I know how that feels. Many getting married and having children. Buying houses. While my life was falling apart around me. I felt so isolated. I know that feeling all too well.

What kinds of things do you enjoy? Is there anything at all that you are passionate about? Anything that brings you enjoyment and happiness even if temporarily? For me it is art. I art to calm my mind. I enjoy adventuring new places and taking photos. What are some things that you like?

You make sense my friend. To me. I’ve been there. I know those feelings. And I hope that somehow you kind find a light in all of this darkness and find some peace and comfort. You don’t have to go at it alone.

So much love to you

  • Kitty