I made a mistake again. .

i had recently just got out of a relationship with my bf of a year and a half which may not seem long but it was my longest relationship. I had to break up with him cuz i thought he didnt care about me and i was so upset. We talked a little after and we apologized to each other and he said he had missed me. But a month later some one asked me to be there gf and i said yes cuz i thought of all the negative things in my past relationship and i thought it should be time for me to move on.
but now that i am in the new relationship i am starting to miss my ex not him exactly but the memories we had because i know that i could never have that with some one else because i shared so many personal things with him and got attached. Although i dont still like him and i love the person i am with now there is only one problem. There is this other girl that i was worried about with my ex because he would always talk to her and flirt and i dont like her. But now my bf tells me that he liked her for a couple days and thought she was pretty and that his friends had to convince him not to like her and to only like me. And the fact that they are close friends makes me even more worried and i dont know if im being sensitive or insecure and i need help because i dont want to leave him but i dont know what to think

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I’m sorry to here your going through all this anxiety. As far as your ex goes and missing him, I think that’s natural. You were together for a year and a half I think it will take some time to create new memories and for the old ones to fade away. Sounds like it’s still pretty fresh which could be why it’s bothering you.
Have you talked to your bf about your concerns? It might be something you need to express to him and tell him how much it bothers you.


Yes your right thank you so much

But no i have not yet we just got in a fight and i feel like i should just leave because im tired of being here and messing up all the good relationships i have i dont belong here and i dont deserve the people that i have in my life

It’s ok. Take some time and get your feelings out. It’s ok to be frustrated. It’s ok to feel the feelings your feeling. Maybe try giving the issue some time, and some space to recover and address when your both ready. You deserve to be loved and you are by all of us here. You deserve happiness, and even if your struggling right now, this will pass and it will get better. It always does.

I know i just feel like since all of this has started i’ve gotten worse and its affecting my realtionships with every one and i just hate myself more and more everyday and im sorry to be putting all of this on you

Don’t be sorry. That’s what we’re here for. When you say all of this started do you mean when you broke up with your ex? What do you think is causing you to see yourself that way?

No i mean when all my problems like the anxiety and stuff started and i do because i always tend to mess up my relationships because i am too insecure about other people and i just hate the fact that i can’t trust them

Trust can be hard in relationships, especially early on cause your really starting to get to know one another. I get that, it’s like you want it to work so bad that your almost second guessing their every move to make sure it’s real. In a sense you kinda have your guard up cause you don’t want to get hurt. Nobody wants that. It could take time for you to fully trust, and that’s ok. I don’t believe that it’s something that happens over night.

Yes, thank you for all your help :heart:

No problem! Anytime! I hope things get better for you

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