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I Made a Song for You!


Hey fam!

As a few of you might know, I enjoy making music. I try to craft my lyrics carefully, addressing the hurting and broken community while providing a glimmer of hope for the future. My music is designed to exhaust negative feelings and emotions. I will take any possible opportunity to promote HeartSupport (being my favorite non-profit organization), so I’m always adding links to the description of my lyric videos to redirect people here.

All of that being said, last March I distributed my debut single with the “one-and-done” mindset. In other words, I live in Nashville and I felt like it would be a sin NOT to create something (since this is “Music City USA” after all). To my surprise, the song was received relatively well, and instead of “getting music-making out of my system” (like I had planned), I grew hungry to make more.

(Behind the Lyrics: Throughout life, we will all experience intense joy and deep depression. There is seemingly an endless supply of lightweight music within the music industry, and while there’s nothing wrong with music that addresses the “high” of life, I believe it completely alienates the demographic of people who struggle with the difficulties of being weighed down by the weight of the world. I’ve always had a fascination with abstract wordplay, and I decided to tap into an idle talent by writing the lyrics to this song during a really dark season of my life. I hope that you will feel comforted by this song, being reminded that you’re not alone. Find peace in the silence).

Fast-forward to the summertime, and I decided to cave into my hunger and to begin to draft a second single, unsure of if it would ever come to life. I wanted to stick to a similar theme of leaving a legacy by creating content that will resonate with broken humanity. With the help of a producer, sound engineer, graphic design artist and cinematographers, the second single was born a couple of weeks ago.

(Behind the Lyrics: Based on Deuteronomy 31:6, this second single is the sequel to the approach of finding God through difficult seasons in life and finding peace within the midst of chaos. While the first song dealt with the difficulty of hearing God, this second song deals with the fear of not being “worthy enough” to receive unconditional love. Stemmed within the fear of abandonment, “You Don’t Gotta Go” addresses the persistent worry of God choosing to leave during heated life-circumstances. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you”).

Fast-forward to the current day, and the hunger to make music is still here. Why? I don’t know, but I’ll keep making music until doors close (or I run out of money lol). I’m meeting with the producer from the band Leeland toward the end of November to discuss a third single, and we’re bringing Mikayla Jackson back into the mix (the girl who featured in my first song). We’re planning on making the next song a little lighter and more upbeat, while still grounded in the reality of the hardships that life can throw.

Anyway, I just thought I’d post about my journey here in case anyone would be interested, and I hope that my music resonates with you. I’ll keep you all updated regarding future endeavors. :slight_smile: You’re loved! Hold fast!



Dude this is awesome! Didn’t know you did this kinda stuff. Great freaking work, man. Love this!! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the jams.


Damn, those were pretty awesome!

I wish I could record my own music too. Unfortunately, I just know how to sing, but nothing more.

Keep creating!

Pioggia :sunflower: