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I made a terrible mistake


I’m catching feelings for my bff and boy oh boy is this bad …he’s my best friend I know how he treats is girlfriends he tells me everything and he’s not the best in relationships so idek if I wanna say anything really …the second problem is he talks to this girl I know and she asked me do u like your bff and I was like no and that was the truth at the time :flushed:it’s really weird and I feel weird yesterday i was a third wheel and it was terrible…Tbh I’m gonna sound like a hater but I know how my bff is he’s gonna have sex with her and then lose feelings like he always does …I tell him all the time you can’t just have sex with a girl and up and leave but his excuse is alway “she’s crazy :joy:” which is another reason why I don’t wanna say anything .like he’s not a bad person he just makes bad decisions at times and I don’t think the girl he’s talking to now is good for him but I don’t say anything because if they don’t work out I don’t want any of the blame so it’s just a big mess and I’m pretty sure the girl he’s talking to now talks to someone else as well so it’s just a big mess rn :man_shrugging:t4::man_shrugging:t4:Ughh Idk what to do about it



I’m glad you care about your friend. He shouldn’t have sex with a girl that he will lose interest. Sex is serious, beautiful, and it is an act of love. Not selfishness. You should advise your friend he should stop talking to this girl, stop seeing her before it gets worse. Not only he is going to hurt her, but he is going to hurt himself even more. Sometimes, tough love is what we need. Even though we don’t want to hear it. It is for the best. Thank you for sharing.