I made art of how i feel (kinda?)

i have a thing for posting and then disappearing, huh- anyways lmao
I’m proud of all of you<3

last week i got told to try and draw out what I think my anxiety looks like, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. and today i made two other drawings, that i feel also kinda replicate how I feel inside. So I thought, why not post them here?

this is what i did for my anxiety. it basically feels like I’m constantly being watched and judged. i honestly really like the peace :]

this is what i did today. i call it “never ending rain”. it’s how i feel on bad days, like it’s never going to stop raining and everything is grey and dull.

to be honest, this was more of an experiment with my art software, but i thought it’d still fit the whole “being judged” thing.


Yo! This is amazing!!
What software do you use? How long did it take to make? I have so many questtioonns. I love the detail, and the artstyle! Do you have any other art?? Did your therapist tell you to draw it? I love when therapists bring creativity into therapy.

It’s been so difficult for me to get any art ideas latley but I’ve still been trying my best.

(I seem to only be good at ideas when I’m in class bored out of my mind.)



My goodness, THE TALENT HERE!!!
That first one is PERFECT! That can hang in any art exhibit I think!

You just made me want to write self-help book just so you can do the illustrations hehe!

I hope the fun aspect of it stays with you. Honestly, I think a series of this could really help a lot of folks, especially those who feel like no-one understands what they’re going through.

So proud of you, not just for the talent, but for being able to represent your internal feelings and share them so clearly.


thank you!!
i use procreate on my ipad with an apple pencil :))
the first piece took me a little less than an hour and the second one took me a little over an hour. the third piece only took a couple of minutes.
this is actually quite different from my usual art style, that mostly consists of brighter colours.
for now this is all i have when it comes to art that represents my feelings, but i found it to be very fun to do, so i plan on doing more. other than that, i’m in the process of trying to get myself to post on my instagram art account again lmao

and yes! well, the man who told me to draw this is not quite a therapist, but i suppose something similar. though i don’t know what exactly his profession is called in english-

i like to scroll through pinterest for hours straight, when i have an art block, so maybe that’s something for you? i also have a ton of sketchbooks and pencils lying around in my room so i can just do random, quick doodles whenever.

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haha, my parents said the same!!

i found the whole process of this to be very fun, so i definitely will do more like that and I’ll definitely make sure to post it here!! maybe some people can relate to it as well :]

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I keep being absolutely astonished by your art. It is beautiful both techically and emotionally. I’m in love with your second artwork there. It’s truly wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing your art with us here. It’s so special. I love it. :heart:

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Really cool. Art is a good way to express emotions. I did some photoshop stuff for my talk therapist when I was in rehab a long time ago, she wanted me to do to show my emotions. It doesn’t compare, but she liked it.


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