I managed to open up!

Today, for the first time, I actually opened up to someone about my heavy trust issues. I’m still extremely scared, but it felt good to talk about it. They managed to give me little hope, and I’m feeling slightly better.

Aaaaand, I’m 29 days clean of any sorts of self-harm. I’m really proud about myself!


Two wonderful things to celebrate! Great job! I know it’s scary to open up to someone. I’m really glad to hear they were able to hear and support you. And 29 days free of self harm is amazing! :heart:

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Opening up to people is so hard, I also have issues with this. I’m so glad you were finally able to get some of that weight off of your chest, I know that does wonders for your well-being.

And also congratulations on 29 days free of self-harm :sparkling_heart: That is certainly something to be proud of. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job!

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I’m proud of you. You took a huge step in opening up. I’m so glad the feedback you got gave you some hope.

And way to go on the days self-harm free! 29 days of victory - very, very worth celebrating :smiley:

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Hey friend, you’re awesome! :sunglasses: Opening up and accepting to be vulnerable is so hard, yet so important at the same time. I’m so glad you did it and so glad it helped you, even just a little. You’re doing great! Step by step. And this step is definitely an important one. I hope you’re proud of yourself, of your perseverance and your strength. :heart:

Also, huge congratulations for the 29 days off self-harm! That’s so awesome. Thank you for sharing these victories here! :hrtlovefist:

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Thank you all, for the sweet words! I really appreciate it.
I’m at one month now, and so far I haven’t felt like I’m gonna relapse. I am REALLY proud of myself. Yeah, some days were harder than others but overall manageable. It makes me happy.


It can be extremely difficult to open up to anyone about trust issues, so majorly well done on that! I hope they are able to support you and keep that line of communication open. <3

Also - a month of no self-harm is a huge accomplishment, very much worth being happy and proud about!!

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From: alexaneronline

1mo. is a awesome feat. opening up and trusting people is really hard. I’m close to 3yrs. clean I believe if you can continue making strides you will make it to 6mo. and then 1yr.

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Wow, great work @HeresA.Gun.KillMePlease – and great job choosing to notice this as progress and celebrating it…taking joy and gratitude in the journey is soooooo good. Well done!

First I want to say congratulations on your recent accomplishments! Both take tremendous amounts of strength. And second, thank you for sharing this good news with everyone here on the forum. It’s always nice to read about progress and positivity.
Keep shining!

Congrats on your achievement. Very proud of you.