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I messed up so much

I been struggling really bad , confused , i messed up , and i hate my self …


Hey friend,

Sorry you are feeling this way. Why are you feeling confused and what makes you think you messed up? This is a safe place for you to open up and express why you are feeling what you are feeling without any judgement.



Hi, friend. I don’t know what you did to mess up. But I hope that you will find comfort enough to open up and share what is going on so that we can try to love and support you in whatever it is you are going through.

You are important and valued <3

  • Kitty

Well I been in this relationship for about 5 years well was in it , its such a long story but short version is she was hurt b4 me and that caused us so many problems and then i messed up , we broke up , this other woman came into my life I was still in love w my x and then she came back I was w them both smh and , I truly love her , and then I let my emotions get the best of me and I show my ass and push and all that now she wont talk to me at all , I really mess up its messing w me so much , everyday sucks and i hate myself I miss her and am depressed am tryin to wait on God and my patients sucks hints why I push , I miss her some days is so unbearable there is so much to the story. She great person she beautiful I love everything bout her and it’s all such mess

Thank you so so much , it’s such long story relationship I was in , its mess. I truly love her its messing w me it’s been 4 months and am still messed up waiting on God but that’s hard

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I believe in she still loves me it’s so much hurt

I believe she loves me still there is so much hurt and yeah

Some days I just dont want to be here its stuiped to say that over woman but I love her. Me and her we have experienced so much w each other again I try to wait on God trust him in this area am lost it hurts

I hate myself to and everything I’ve done so I know what your going through. but you will get through this.