I might’ve just found the one for me

This is something really special and important to me. I’ve never had someone in my life, where I wasn’t afraid to just be honest or just be myself in general.
But I think I can finally say, I found someone where I’m not scared to speak my mind and where I’m not afraid to say “no”.
And it’s honestly amazing how she can make me feel like everything will be okay and I’m fine the way I am with some simple words.
And I feel as long as we have each other, we might just make it out alive.

It’s refreshing to have someone that treats you like they actually care for you and don’t just keep you by their side for their own gain. And I hope we get to meet one day. Sadly I live in the north and she in the south of our country.

And whoever reads this, I hope you’re having a good day. You deserve it.


That’s so awesome. Wish I could like this post twice or more! So happy for you, friend. It’s so special to be able to interact with someone who doesn’t need us to metacommunicate about everything. Just being ourselves without any filter and without any fear to be. Enjoy those moments. This is very precious.

Thank you for sharing this. It’s a beautiful reminder that good things happen out there, such as meaningful connections between two human beings.:hrtlegolove:

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