I miss home!

From sammmy2000: So I moved out of the home last month and I feel little lost and little sad that’s we moved to other home much closer to my cousins but fair from my friends… is that normal! Missing an old place I mean I was born in the same area as my old home but this new home we moved to is very new

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Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I know exactly how you feel. I had to leave home and be far from my friends and family. It is normal to feel that way because it is a new experience and you are at a new place that you are not used to yet. It can be challenging initially, but as time passes, the new home becomes more familiar. The old place harbors many memories that will stay in your heart. It is amazing that you are experiencing new things because sometimes change can be good! I hope this helps!

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Hi there Sammy!

Yes, it is absolutely normal and understandable to feel the way you do. Moving to a new place can be really scary and disheartening, even though it can also be mixed with the joy of discovery new places and meeting new people at the same time. Changes like these can also feel like a loss somehow. You were used to living in your previous home, you have developed habits and built relationships there. You were seeing the same people in places that became familiar to you - and what feels familiar usually feels safe too. So when your direct environment changes like this, you are somehow forced to mourn the loss of what was before. It doesn’t mean that the change is bad in itself, it’s just that it’s different. The fact that you are more far away from your friends especially can be difficult to accept at first, as it could imply you’d see them less compared to before… so it’s completely normal to feel lost and sad right now. You have in front of you a new world and things that are unknown - while what you do know is not close to you anymore. It’s like having to relearn things again, build new relationships and begin a new chapter in life. It’s okay to be both curious about the future, yet at the same time to look back and feel like you’re missing your friends.

I hope with all my heart that you’ll all have the possibility to stay in contact and eventually see each other when the opportunity arise. The cool thing with moving nowadays is that we still have a lot of means to communicate with one another and somehow stay “close”, even if it’s not physically or by hanging out directly with each other. As a personal example, my sister lives in US, and I live in western Europe. Still meeting with each other on a video call every week helps reduce the feeling of distance and ease the pain that it creates sometimes. Even though we are far from each other, we found our own way to communicate and stay connected together, which is one of the nicest things with the technology that allows us to do that these days.

Through all of this, it’s definitely okay to let yourself whatever emotion comes. Transitions and changes can be great yet also activating in us a lot of fears, worries and sadness. It’s okay to feel all of those things, and it’s okay to express it. You are not weird, crazy or anything like that. You are a human being navigating the realms of an important life change right now. :heart: