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I miss my ex sometimes


I really hate that too. She made me feel so invalidated for missing her because I hurt her but the truth is I was stupid and I wish she would have truly apologized for everything she said to hurt me instead of dismissing it. It affected me so much because my self esteem has been at an all time low for almost a year now and I slipped back into old habits. I don’t talk to her anymore and I wouldn’t have it any other way but there are days that I wish we never separated because I really feel like I’ll never get over it and it’ll always make me hate myself and feel insecure and ugly and never try to make friends again.


Hey there,

That must be very difficult. It sounds like although you don’t wish to be talking to her, there is a part of you that misses the relationship or at least the idea of it. Sometimes things that were so familiar to us are things that we feel would give us comfort. Know that although it feels like you won’t be able to move on, it is possible. It is a process and it won’t always be easy or pain free. However, you are strong and will be able to find healing. Hold fast.

Hannah Rhodes


Hey @Voxmyth

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. This is painful and so vulnerable, so thank you for trusting us with it.

I’m so so sorry that someone you cared for hurt you deeply. I know that feeling so well. But I think it’s smart of you to not talk to her, to stay away from her because she hurt you’d i badly. It’s easy to go running back, I know that too, so I’m so proud of you for not doing that. I think it’s healthy to move on. It’s never ever easy to move on, but it will get easier with time, I promise you that.

Stay strong!
Hold fast,
Hannah Presley