I miss my son I need help

I’m feeling more lost lately I’m slowly recovering of the lose of my son who passed away last year in July at four months old I’m trying the best to keep my head above water for myself and my wife who is also dealing with this sometimes I just want to give up on everything and end it but I know that wont solve anything and what I’m doing right now. Writing this post will be the first time reaching out for help I’m doing this for the sake of my marriage and for my family so if there is anyone out there I need help.


Hi friend,
i;m so sorry to hear about your son. I"m so sorry that this happened. Know that i will keep you and your wife in my prayers. The best i can say is to talk to someone you can trust whether that be a counselor, trusted friend, pastor, etc. Keep going friend. there is light ahead. The darkness lasts only but a moment, but the Light shines forever. Let God hold you and your wife and this whole situation. The healing process is a tough one, it really is. Even though it may seem really dark right now, the Light will shine even brighter if you allow it. EVerything will be okay. Hold fast. Hold onto God, He’s got you.

Losing a love one is hard. I’ve no clue what it is like being a parent & losing a child. I hope you find closure.