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I need a break

I don’t want to live anymore. I’m sorry for the people that think I’m more than I am. Better than I really am. I’m sorry I had you all fooled and I’m sorry that I’m just not good enough to figure out how to fix everything or how to live with the not fixed stuff…
I’m tired, I need a break and maybe a permanent one.

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I don’t know what to say to you, but one thing that I must tell you is that you actually are worth it and my proof fr that is that you are actually feeling sorry for us. If you are planning on committing suicide, think again, because if there actually is ANYONE who it would hurt, then stop.
If you know hurt, then you shouldn’t want anybody else to feel it. It’s why I’m here. To try to help other people’s pain decrease.


You can take a break, but suicide is not a way to do that.

I don’t know what you’ve been through, but we are not wrong when we tell you that you have inherent value. You matter and you are loved more than you know. I am glad that you’re alive.

I believe you are here for a reason and you can’t convince me otherwise. This pain that you’re experiencing will not last forever. There are so many reasons to keep living. You just gotta keep looking. They’re there. Trust me. I’ve looked for them in my darkest seasons and I’ve found them. You can too.

You don’t have to face anything alone. Even if you don’t have any close family or friends, you have the HeartSupport community. We are here to walk alongside you. We do it because we care and we want to see you get through this

It’s ok to be tired, but it’s not ok to quit. Lean on us. Join one of our Twitch streams and share with @Danjo or @Casers. They believe you matter too. I’m not the only one.

Keep fighting. You can do this.

Would you like to talk more about what is going on specifically? I’d love to chat more. Your story matters.

Tbh… I literally can’t wait till the day that I just don’t wake up anymore… At least then it won’t be my fault.

We want you to stay. You are important. What has been going on in your life to make you feel this way?

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I won’t kill myself, I just hope that I won’t wake up anymore.
I’m just done fighting myself and my thoughts. I’m done fighting these thoughts that I have to harm for whatever reason my mind thought of this time. I’m done looking in the mirror and just see this giant blob looking back and having to fight the thoughts that I’m worthless because I’m overweight and broken. I’m done fighting my mind so that I can finally focus for maybe 5 minutes on the task that I actually have to do. I’m done fighting the thoughts that I’m worthless in general because apparently it’s unfair to say stuff like that, even though deep down I still believe that.
I’m just done. I’m tired.
I can’t kill myself, because that might hurt people and make them blame themselves for me being too weak to just keep on fighting. Making the people around me think that they didn’t do enough. It’s not that, it’s that I just fucked up so much. Like everything I do, every turn I take just seems to be doomed and I will never be able to, just, fail. Or worse.
i’m sorry


Hey, you don’t have to apologize for how you are feeling. All of your feelings are valid. I have been in your shoes before, so I understand the feeling of wanting to die, just not at my own hands. It sucks and it is a dark place to be in. I don’t have all the answers, but what I do know is that it is never too late to start over and refresh after your mistakes. There is no mistake bad enough that you can’t turn back from. I believe that. Keep pushing forward no matter how hard the fight may seem. It is ok to admit when you are tired and frustrated. If you have close friends or family, share your burdens with them. You don’t have to go through any of this alone and if you don’t have anyone close to be real with, then come back to this forum and share with us what life is throwing at you. We are here to love you and support you as best we can. You deserve so much better than what is happening to you right now and I truly believe that there will be a day when you no longer feel this way and the pain will lessen. Keep fighting for that day. This pain can’t last forever.


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