I need a break!

My mother put me in a online school I’m 16 and I just feel stuck, The work is to hard and I just want to go back to normal school but my mother won’t let me give up. I feel like if I go on any longer I’ll go crazy! I’m so depressed and I feel like a psychopath, I’ve self harmed before and it felt like a weight was being lifted off my shoulders, I don’t do it much anymore, but sometimes I bite myself, use rubber bands, or pinch myself. it’s just this itching feeling, and it’s like I need to cut. I always try and put my knife in a place I know I’ll forget, but I ALWAYS KNOW. I just wanna end and I don’t know what to do. Please help me.


I’m sorry you are experiencing this. First of all know that hurting yourself is never the answer. It screws up your life in ways you can’t imagine until you are so addicted that it’s the only option you see for anything. I would suggest looking up boystowns 100 coping skills list and make a copy. Practice the ones you like most. Keep fighting? You are loved!

Hey friend,

I’m sorry your situation isn’t too good right now. Is there someone you can reach out to, like a counselor, from your old school that could help convince your mom to let you return? I’m glad you are trying not to self harm even though those thoughts come creeping in. You can get a copy of heartsupport’s re-write book if you feel like you need extra help coping with self harm.

Hold fast <3


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That’s really hard. I’m sorry that things feel so tense and stressful. I remember school at your age. I struggled all through it, it was difficult and it caused me to feel extremely depressed. I was pulled out of school around 15 and was given Tudors from home. It was hard to keep up and it caused me a lot of inner frustration.

I know it can also be hard if you feel like you don’t have anyone to go to. Which is why we are here. I know we can’t make the school situation better, but we can be a listening ear and support you through what you are feeling. And maybe if you are struggling with something you could ask for tips and advice! Maybe someone here can share some knowledge with you. Never know!

I know the path of self harm can be so tempting when things are difficult. But I hope that you will allow us to be there for you instead. I’ve recently been reading through “Re-Write” to help with those self harming thoughts. Maybe this could be of help for you? It has a workbook section in the back. You could even share here as you work through it so we can be there with you.

I am sending you so much love. I know it’s rough, but know that you are so loved by us. We care about you and how you are feeling. We want you to be okay. You matter. You aren’t important.

Hold fast