I Need A Second Opinion

I’m not sure what to do. My ex-girlfriend is going through a toxic relationship right now where her current boyfriend is basically trapping her in the relationship itself. She has reached out to me and basically said he is currently acting the way I did when we broke up. Seeing some of the texts they had I agree. She has told me that she wants to be friends with me but, I am not sure if it because she is lonely and unsure about her current situation. I do want to be her friend but I do not want to get attached again because that wouldn’t be good. Honestly I am unsure what I should do. Based on the way her boyfriend is acting i want to tell her to break up with him but he is going to threaten to kill himself (which I done too sadly). She is worried about him doing something stupid and I just want to make sure she is okay in the end. Sorry for the rant, just need some counsel I guess.

Much Love To You My Friend! Hugz!

I Suggest Be There For Her Whenever You Can.

As The Old Saying Goes…
“True friendship Knows No Boundaries.”
Be Her Friend. First And Always.
Do Not Be Concerned About Becoming Attached.
If There Is Something More, It Will Blossom In It’s Own.
If Not, You Have A Friend For Life.

Peace Be With You Always

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From the info you shared, sounds like a complex situation that could have heavy impacts to your ex and her bf and perhaps much broader. It sounds like you’re struggling to do the right thing for you and your ex who you still care for.

In my opinion, it’s nearly impossible to reason out the consequences of what will happen if you make a choice vs another choice. I believe human behavior and feelings are very difficult to predict. So for that reason, the best I have to offer is that I hope you can make a decision you are proud of in a reasonable amount of time. The reason I say “reasonable amount of time” is that it sounds like you’re a person who cares for others and who has the disposition to think things out. There’s a lot of other important decisions and effort for you to spend your time on.

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