I need help and don’t know what to do

I’ve just been through a lot and am starting to loose hope no one cares .


You found this support wall, or rather, this support wall found you! This community is more than just that…it is a family of people who seem to just…understand this feeling all too well.
We are here for you, and we love you :yellow_heart:

Keep holding on, and remember that our love for you is strong :yellow_heart:

Much love and many good vibrations your way,
Shel :yellow_heart:

Don’t give up, friend. I’m hoping someone will see you and be there to help soon :heart: I’m so thankful you found the support wall!

You have come to the right place…you are known and seen here and know that when you reach out, there are hundreds of hands reaching for you as well. Hold fast and be well :heart:

People do care. We care. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t respond. I can’t say we can solve for you whatever is going on. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be resolved somehow, depending on what it is. Sometimes it’s as simple as reaching out, beginning that process. Don’t give up. We are rooting for you.

I’ve been through alot, everyday I thought it would get harder and it did. I often lost hope and looked at the ground for answers. I’ve been in the same place as you, but I have to tell you something. The answers, hope itself is not towards the ground, but right up above. You hold your head up and press on. What you’re going through, don’t give up the fight. Just want you to know that you’re loved, so let that love and hope give you new life.

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You are loved!!! You can move forward no matter what has happened. God forgives and you must forgive yourself. Never give up. Keep moving forwad no matter what! I will be praying for you :pray:t2::pray:t2::grinning:

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We live in a broken world filled with greed, vanity, and all sorts of nasty things (that we’re all guilty of). Ecclesiastes, chapter 1, is one of the most depressing views of life you could ever read and that’s holy scripture!

There’s no escaping the hardships of life. But we can be smart about it.
We can plan days to unwind from the toils of the week in healthy ways. For me, that’s quiet time and more recently, lone exercise.
We can be active in being more understanding of ourselves and our mental/emotional limitations. For me, I put a lot of effort into surrounding myself with people I admire and I try to be patient and understanding that they don’t think about me 100% of the time. I’ve found that it’s okay to reach out multiple times. Don’t worry about being “annoying.” Because chances are it’ll make them feel more wanted anyways.
We tend to focus on the negatives. When you pair that with the kind of selflessness we all chase after, you end up kind of burned out. My advice would be to try to chase after the positives. Be open to accepting them. It’s not pride to take in a job well done or a person helped. Kind of like how listening isn’t really listening unless it’s active listening, be active in your openness for positivity. I started with my dog since he almost always brings out positive feelings in me. Then I took that energy of openness and joy and slowly expanded it to other areas of my life. I’m still working on it.

I hope some of my insight helps. I felt exactly like you during my time in high school. Hopelessness and frustration were the overwhelming qualities of my life. I constantly felt like I was at the end of my rope, and I stopped thinking about my future because I didnt think I’d see 19. I noticed my mom hid her gun one day, and that was the closest thing to a conversation I’ve ever had with her about it. If I had worked up the courage to talk to her or anyone, I feel it really would have helped. This forum is a great resource. Use it!

Love you! I really hope things get better for you.

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