I need help! ASAP

Okay. I’m writing this not for me, but for my boyfriend. So, my boyfriend is finding it difficult to get jobs because he has lower back pain that is soo painful when he stands for long periods of time. Well, we both have problems, making it difficult to gain money to support ourselves. He just got a job and guess what. They wouldn’t let him sit because it’s a standing job. Even though there are sitting positions available that anyone could have. He doesn’t need to sit the whole time because he is able to stand for some periods of time. We’ll what happened was that they told him that he needed a doctor’s note in order for them to accommodate his needs. So that’s exactly what we did. We got them a doctor’s note, but then oh wow another freaking problem… They terminated him soon after getting the note! So he is now left without a job. So this leaves me with my first question. Is it illegal for employers to do that to you? I mean my boyfriend even informed them that he had lower back problems and the employer told him that the jobs are standing and sitting jobs. Which was perfectly fine. What had went down however is NOT OKAY! He is so depressed. I don’t know what to do. He feels really really worthless because he is over 20 and STILL has asthma… I mean it’s still bad asthma. He also has to deal with this back pain and he has to deal with people THINKING that he’s healthy when he’s really NOT! (I mean he does look healthy from outer appearance, but he’s not healthy on the inside. He even has a not very good immune system) He will tell people his back painful and no one ever believes him! They will say, “oh I have back pain too and I just push through it.” But really? If they can just push through it then it’s not really that painful now is it??? I swear. People in this world these days only care about themselves and what they can do for themselves. (I’m not speaking for everyone though) it’s just that alot of people only care about themselves and they don’t ever want to help people for free. All they want is money for their services. I’m telling you that my boyfriend is soooo giving! More giving than taking I mean it. It’s not a lie! He just never gets help back. Although, he is so depressed that he keeps manifesting in unhealthy and negative thoughts. I want to help him before it’s too late. He wants to die. He keeps telling me that he’s better of dead and that he is worthless. Also, he feels worthless when he’s not making money for us. He feels that it is his duty to take care of us and not me even though I’m okay with supporting us. The problem though is that I’m not too capable of supporting us myself either… I mean I can push through it if I really really tried, but I’m telling you that I have OCD and alot of anxiety especially social anxiety. Please, before you judge the OCD thing… Search it up! Because alot of people think they know what it is and think they have it when really they don’t. My ocd and anxiety is pretty bad. I also have no health insurance. It’s sooo hard to get free health insurance in the state I am because the company is not good at answering their phones, etc. How can my boyfriend get the help he needs like therapy, etc when we have no money for gas or have anyone to take us places. We are really on our own. The reason I need help ASAP is because first of all he’s depressed and doesn’t want to live anymore and second of all… Recently he told me something. I know that it has to be so thing mental, but he’s been having urges to hurt people. I’m not sure every reason but one reason is because he feels that people keep hurting him and he wants them to feel the same pain… So please please give me some advice! I will be very greatful!

Hey !for starters I’m sorry your going through this …as far as jos go has he tried any like bank,jobs or like work from home jobs like live ops …I can personally attest to live ops it’s a phone service that connects you with companies that out source so you take calls for a specific business you get a script to read it’s fairly easy . The next thing is I commend you on seeking help for your husband and I know as a wife things like this are never easy what I would encourage you to do is to keep talking to him and trying to talk him out of things that might not have a positive effect on his life remind him that in life everything might not always work out according to his plan but ultimately it is gods plan that matters remind him of the things that he has and that even tho it’s not what he wants it could be worse …pray for healing in his life thy his back pains goes away pray that god provided him with a job that suits him better and lastly try not to dwell on what people have done to you or how they’ve hurt you put that energy into something else it’s help a lot

Peace be still


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