I need help, i want to end it

I want to end my life. I dont know how or when but i know i will.
I have no idea how anyone can help me. But i dont want to hurt the ppl i love


You must be going through a lot, and I’m so sorry to hear that. I really hope you don’t, and I want you to know that you have a friend here that you can talk too. Give us a chance to help you and to see past these issues your having.

Hi, I’ve been right there where you are right now. I looked for help and was very lucky with my psychiatrist making a spot for me. I hope you try to reach out for professional help. I’ve had a hard time with professional help since I’d been having a shut door for all the times I needed it. So the psychiatrist I visited was literally my last hope of ever getting better in believing their goal of helping others.

I am really happy that you reached this community, because that proofs to me that you still have a little hope to prevent it. And even if it isn’t like that, you’re here to talk about it then.

Being suicidal doesn’t come from one occurance, it comes from a series of negatives. I hope that you get to see that no matter what, no matter how long. You’ll have a time where things will be better. “This too shall pass” is a quote that I have painted on my walls. To remind myself, at those times where the negatives thoughts take over, that I just have a little hurdle I have to get over.

People are the worst and they’ll never get better. I had a hard time realising that my friends weren’t there for me the way I am for them. And it’s something that after a year still hurts. But I’ve come to live with it.

You don’t want to hurt the people you love, and I believe that every single of these people would think. “What could I have done? Why didn’t they reach out to me?” I’d like to invite you to tell them what’s up. Reach out. So that they can show you what you mean to them, and otherwise you can show them that they’re the ones you reach out to for help. And you’ll both be awkward, and they’ll get way too overprotective and smothering, like my parents did with me and my dad came over a lot unannounced. But it’s their way to say they love you.

And my long writing, is my way to say that you deserve better.

X fellow person

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You are not alone and are among friends here. We have all been there - I know I cycle through terrible bouts of suicidal thinking. This is a great piece to read about why even though it seems like it makes sense, you still need to choose to live: https://blog.heartsupport.com/why-suicide-makes-sense-and-why-you-still-shouldnt-do-it-c193573fad35

I hope today is a better day for you. Let us know how you are doing. Peace.

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