I need help (T.W.)

My Hallucinations are terrifying, i can’t stop crying, i can’t stop cutting my legs, no one cares, every thing sucks, everyone sucks and i just want to die.


I care. Others here care as well. I’m so sorry that you are suffering like this. Does your doctor know what’s happening with you? Is there someone else you can talk to?

It may feel as though no one cares, but often people keep their distance because they don’t know what to do or say that would help. It’s true that many people don’t really know how to be a supportive presence to someone with mental health issues.

It sounds like you are in crisis. If your doctor isn’t prepared to deal with such things, perhaps try a crisis line or helpline. Two that come to mind are 741741 or 988.

I believe anyone who really knows you, sees the goodness in you and cares about you, even if they aren’t good at being there for you.

Please I advise you to go to the hospital they have great medications that can stop your hallucinations. Just call 911 and they will help you I promise it’s worth your life to get this help. Providers are really understanding.

Whatever you are going through just know you can get better! There is another side to this okay? You will make it through just trust that you need support from others around you.


hi there,

just doing a quick little follow up. Were you able to contact your doctor or hospital to talk to them about these hallucinations?
Unfortunately, sometimes these are not things that you can just “power through”. sometimes you need some specific meds to be able to help your brain do what it needs to.
Please let us know how things have been going with you.

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I am a stupid idiot, i really need to stop talking to people all i do is cause problems and piss people off, i should just go away and leave this place and die off.

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Over the years, I have felt that way often. The thing is, those who really fit that description, usually have quite the opposite opinion of themselves.

How do you decide which people to talk to?

Wise, accepting, empathetic and nonjudgmental listeners are kind of rare. On the contrary, those who are reactive and get pissed off easily are more common.

I know it’s not the same as being physically present, but we’re always willing to listen here, and you don’t have to worry about pissing us off.

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I’m not saying that I decide and choose who i talk to, all I’m saying is that when i do talk i make it worse for everyone. As punishment i cut my legs and slap my face, i deserve to suffer the punishment i give myself.

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Do you have a mental health team to help support you or that you can reach out to when things are getting sort of difficult?

If you think you deserve punishment when something bad happens, do you also believe that you deserve to a safe space and to feel better when things are okay?

I’m sorry that things are so difficult right now, but maybe if you talked a bit openly with your doctors, they might be able to help you get into some therapy or classes where you can learn some new coping strategies or ways to shift your energy and focus to things that can be more adaptive, like games or art or writing.

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I already have a therapist, i see her every two weeks.

Here’s the thing though i can’t write my feelings on paper because if i do i fixate on it and then it consumes me. And I’m not really a artist person

And no i don’t believe that i deserve to have a safe space and I’m never okay.

And no one cares

And everything sucks

And I’m not much of a gamer.

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If you met another person who was very much like you and dealing with very similar things, what might you say to provide that person some comfort?

What would you tell me if I told you that no one cared about me?

We can share our own experiences, or ask questions that may help, but advise needs to come from someone who is more familiar with the specifics of your situation. In your opinion, is there good communication between you and your therapist?

Feeling as though when you do talk, you make things worse for everyone, sounds like it would be beneficial to describe such interactions that have led you to feel that way with your therapist. By doing that, it may be possible to figure out what you are saying that seems to be so upsetting to others.

It’s important to be kind to yourself because self-directed anger and guilt can manifest as self-defeating words and actions.

Thank you for answering my previous post.

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I don’t know honestly, I’ve always been alone, nothing matters, i can’t change the fact that are people that hate me when there is no reason to hate me, i don’t feel safe, i just want the pain to stop, i just want i a way out a permanent way out, i can’t stop crying and crying and crying and cutting my legs until my legs bleed, my voices keep telling me to kill myself and the pain is overwhelming and suffocating me.

I hate everyone, i f****cking quit.

Every one is cruel and everything sucks.

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It sounds like you are in crisis. Talk to someone immediately. If necessary, call 911. I want you to be okay.

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I’m beyond help, and i don’t care

I don’t want to be here anymore, after my brother and mom left to go to grandma’s house, i took my belt out of my drawer and went into the bathroom and used my belt as a make shift noose and put my neck and my head in the loop and tried to suffocate myself with my intention to die. (T.W.)

We care about you. Please make sure to reach out to crisis services, @Demon_inside_me. You deserve to be safe. I know it’s hard to see it right now or to even consider this as being true. I’ve been there myself multiple times and it felt impossible to see beyond the repeated thoughts I had about myself and my future. But from where I am now, I can assure you that you matter.

You are here, reaching out, talking to this community, so there has to be a part of you that knows this pain doesn’t have to condition your entire future. I would like to encourage you to trust us here when we tell you that we see you and we want for you to get through this crisis safely. You can feel a certain way, and still choose to rely on others and trust them when the pain seems to be overtaking everything.

You are not a burden. You are going through a rough time for now, and it’s important to get the appropriate support that you need. I’ll link here a list of crisis resources/hotlines, and hope you’ll use them - it’s okay to ask for help, especially when we consider ending our life. Your life matters. Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove:

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Lies, Lies, how could any of you care, i fcking QUIT i tried ending my life this morning, and no one fcking cares, i hate my family, i hate my entire family, i don’t fcking care, my voices told me that i deserve to die, that no one loves me, and that i should end myself and that everyone won’t care and that they would be better off without me, i want it to end i want everything to end, i hung myself again by putting my belt on the shower pool and made a make shift noose and put my neck and head in the loop, because everyone is terrible, and cruel i fcking hate that everyone is laughing at me, fck everyone, good bye stupid pathetic planet, i fcking quit. (T.W.)

And i cut my leg again until my leg bled

And i can’t stop crying.

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contact 911 or your therapist. or your doctors.

they care about your wellbeing. 911 will come get you and then you can get some help with this. You’re trying what you can, with whatever tools you have right now, but now it’s time to let others who have more resources help you. please call them .

you’ve been here a while with us, and almost every post gets some attention form at least 1 or 2 commenters. that is PROOF that people have been listening and caring. If you were to share these thoughts and feelings with medical professionals, they will also care and try to help you.

So I messaged my counselor this morning and told her that I tried to end myself and now I feel terrible

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So my brother opened my door late last night and turned on my light and yelled at me where did you move the rest of the stake?!!! And I said I don’t know what your talking about, and he yelled at me again yes you do !!! I don’t care that you’re on your Period, get up right now!!! And he he accused me of putting the rest of the stake in the trash bins and I told him that I didn’t and then he called me a lier and looked through all of the trash bins and then he opened the freezer door and it was in the freezer the whole time. And then he looked at me and I was traumatized and shaking in fear and then he said that he is more stressed out than I was because he went through his first 12 hour day of training at his new job. And then I closed my door and he started to apologize for his dog.

I’ve attempted to end myself 4 times now, and I’m exhausted, i don’t want to be alive anymore, so this is goodbye

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