I need immediate prayer

I need prayer because i messed up smoking marijuanna in the apartment complex, i might be arrested, i got rid of everything i put down the powder in the room to make it smell nice and soon going to sweep it dont smoke weed not even on 4/20 that was a foolish thing ive done

Coming back to the faith i dont want to go to jail i started going to a new church and met a really bice girl and both having great intentions, man i blew it i think i blew it. I never want to experience that


Praying for you right now.

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I’m praying for you…

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I send prayers for you now.

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Hey friend, hope everything went well in the end. Thinking of you. <3

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Well thankfully there are no smelling dogs it was just a check, someone did smell weed before


Hey @GoldenNuggs42 , @taylorpalmby dedicated a song to you on stream!

Hold fast


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