I need motivation tips

I have about five different assignments, that I need to finish until next week. Have I started yet? Barely. Have I finished anything yet? Nope. Not even close.
I could really use some tips for motivating myself to get this done. It’ll be my first week of going back to school and I can’t exactly afford to get bad grades now. My finals are coming up. But I have absolutely zero energy nor motivation to even start. Thanks in advance!


Personally I use timers to have time to work on things and time to relax. If that doesn’t work I also use food or time on the phone to motivate me.

Sometimes if you can get that initial push to working on something continuing is easier than the start.

Hope this helps, you can do this!


That happened to me before.

Your situation is so understandable and relatable. You might just have to experiment with different ideas to find what works for you.

  • Using a pomodoro timer
  • asking yourself why you need to do a given task until you get to the reason that motivates you (e.g. why do i have to read chapter 5 in this book? -> I need to pass this class -> I need to graduate -> I need my degree -> I want to get this job that requires a degree -> I want money to have a home)

  • working with a buddy, either collaborating on work or just checking in with each other. You make them do work, they make you do work

  • paying money if you don’t do the task

  • doing the task for 5 minutes no matter what. Then you can stop or keep going, as desired.

  • doing the task and letting yourself do a shitty job. you fix it later or not

  • using the panda planner

Hey @HeresA.Gun.KillMePlease - I frequent this channel, especially when I need motivation. I hope it inspires you too!


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