I need some quick advice

So- my friend told me his mother is in the hospital right now?? Something about her possibly dying and I’m a little lost on what to do… sooo, any advice on what to say? i’m wanna comfort him but I don’t know how.

I’ve dealt with people dying before but it’s a difference if I need to comfort myself or someone else.


It’s more important to be a supportive presence, who can listen without judgment and can resist the urge to give advice. Therefore, I can’t give you advice on what to say, other than things like “would you like some company?” You can also ask if there is anything he needs. Let him know he can call you if he wants to talk.

Sometimes there is no greater comfort than to sit quietly with someone.

Unless he brings it up, don’t get into religious or spiritual discussions. For some, the topic triggers fear or despair.

In that situation, it’s not uncommon for a person to forget about eating or sleeping. It might be worth asking about that, and offer to bring him food.

Lost sleep and emotional pain can cause a person to have an edge to their voice, or seem emotionally distant. Don’t take it personally.

There might be times when he wants to be alone with his mom. Then it’s time to gracefully depart, and remind him that you’re available.

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