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I need some tips or advice!

Everyday I feel like I’m being hated on. I feel like everyone probably talks about me at work. Everyday is negative thoughts. I am never happy. I wanna be normal and live my life and not care but I can’t. I have been to 3 different therapist and nothing is working. I have been on 3 different types of medicine and nothing is working. I’m tired of my head going 1000 mph of people hating me every minute of the day. Plz help!!!

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Hey @WaitingOne,

Thank you for being here. I know you’re struggling with these thoughts for a certain time and I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. I can only imagine how much this could be overwhelming.

I know there’s a huge difference between what your mind is telling you right now and what we could tell you here on HS. But I also think that if you come here, it’s because you trust the honesty of this community’s members. So hold on to that: you are safe right now, and nothing bad is going to happen. You are not hated by everyone around you. Take a deep breath.

The fact medicine didn’t work can be due to different reasons. I know it’s exhausting but I can only encourage you to keep reaching out for therapeutic support. Even outside medicine, to keep going on seeing a therapist is important. You can share your fears and those thoughts with them in order to have some perspective over it.

As a first step, learning to work on your anxiety could makes things easier for you. Have you any hobbies that you could do when you’re struggling like now? Something that could help you focus and slow down your thoughts. Also, is there anyone in your life that you trust enough, so you can rely on them when you’re overwhelmed by these ideas?

Hold fast. Things will be okay. :heart:


I’m sorry that you feel as if people hate you, and are talking about you a lot. It’s so hard to be constantly having thoughts like those go through your mind.

I agree with MicrosmosK 100%. I just want to add that just as there’s reasons for the medications to not work, there’s reasons your therapists didn’t work to this point- for some reason you didn’t fit well together. I know that three therapists feels like a lot, and that nothing is going to work, but just keep trying. Keep searching for the right therapist. You might have to see a couple more before you find the right one, but you will.

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