I need someone to talk to, I need a friend

I don’t really have any friends and the two I have don’t understand me, they don’t get it. I don’t feel I deserve to live anymore

I don’t know what happened, but whatever it is, you deserve to live. We’re here for you. Whatever it is, you can let it out of your chest here, that’s what this place is for. Sometimes finding good friends is hard, but we’re here to listen to you.

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Hey @Madi2001 - When in doubt, we’re always here for you. Please don’t hesistate to connect with HeartSupport via social media, Discord and Twitch. We care about you!

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Thank you that means a lot

You are not alone, I and many others feel the same way as you do. I don’t really talk to the friends that I had in high school. The best thing to do is find a club that you are interested in, I was reluctant to join one but now that I have I look forward to it every other week.

Stay health
Peace :heart:

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We are all here with you. We are all in this thing called life together. Sometimes it can suck and it’s sometimes it can be particularly hard to try to do it on our own. Thank God none of us have to.

You deserve to live just as much as the next person. You are loved and you are not alone.

I definitely can relate to not feeling understood, especially by those we consider to be close friends. I really think people understand us more than we think. I have found that when I feel unheard or not understood, I get trapped in my own head about what I should be doing differently, thinking people don’t ever care about what I have to say, and all these other toxic lies. Some people won’t care what you have to say. Some people are not very nice and really are just not great to talk to about our feelings. That’s just reality. But there are also so many people who will listen to you and who genuinely care about you and what you have to say. Like all of us here at HeartSupport. We are here with you, and you are not alone.

Feel free to write whatever is on your mind and share with us, if you’re comfortable. This is a judgement-free, safe space where you can talk about anything. Help us help you. Hope you feel better about this soon.

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Hey @Madi2001, I get it. I’ve never had much friends. It’s okay. Some people don’t get what you are, and that’s not your fault, nor does that mean you are less than what you are. Talk to us.
You are worth it.

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