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I need someone to talk to

my parents have been in ireland for the past week and will be there for a few more days. the time difference makes it hard to get in contact with them. when one of us is available the other one isn’t, so i haven’t talked to them in a few days. them being several thousand miles away on a separate continent makes my anxiety spike just thinking about it. i’ve noticed my lack of appetite since they left, my trouble sleeping has gotten worse, ive had more stomach aches and i’ve pooped a lot more, i cry more, and i’ve been shakey and almost on edge. these are all symptoms i’d get when something stressful was coming up before i was put on medication. i take 2 different pills every night and i have a situational one, as my doctor calls it, that i use whenever i feel the need to. it’s helped with panic attacks and vacations before, and lately i’ve been needing to take it just to get through the day. i just need someone to talk to and to know someone is there, or if anyone has any advice to help me feel at ease or to calm me down it would be greatly appreciated

I think it’s so beautiful that you’re so connected with your parents. I’m sorry you haven’t gotten a chance to talk with them recently. On the plus side, just seeing your anxiety makes me think you must have a strong connection to them and feel much more comfortable when they’re home. Is that true? Maybe it’s anxiety inducing to be without them now, but I’ve seen so many people who are so angry and cut off from their loved ones that they don’t feel the yearning you’re feeling now. It’s a beautiful thing if it’s what I think it is, and I hope you can savor it from this perspective. They’ll be home soon, will you be grateful? Glad you shared!