I need someone's help

My life is falling apart, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong today. I need someone to talk to personally, I’ve relapsed twice and I want to go throw myself off the fucking roof

Shes blocked me on everything, I’m so worthless. I cant help the person I held closest. Thank everyone for trying. I just cant now

@Rev Hey friend I’m here for you and you can message me if you like. Sending love :heart::heart::heart:

Hey @Rev, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough day. Feel free to message me too. Also don’t forget HeartSupport has a Discord with a live chat, in addition to the Twitch stream that starts in a few hours!

I am sorry your life is falling apart . Do you know what’s causing this so we could give you more advice? And I am so sorry you relapsed twice . And please don’t through yourself off a roof you are loved and we are here to help you . Hope you will feel better soon.
~hold fast and you’re worth it~


I didn’t block you I just removed you from snapchat! We need to take some time apart, and I’ve left you in good hands of this community. I’ve given you resources to help you through this, I promise you that this isn’t the end of the world, and you will get through this! Hold fast please, and all those words I told you before still stand true! Your life has value and you are important! Please don’t hurt yourself, or do anything to harm yourself. Remember the list you made of the people you can trust and reach out to this morning, please reach out to those people! We will meet again soon, hold fast! You’re worth it!

<3 Always,

Rev, I’m so sorry.
You can get through this. It’s never easy losing someone you love in any way. Now’s the time you need to focus on you though. She will come back in her own time… Or maybe she won’t. Regardless of the result, you have people in the community who love you and want to help you. We’re proud of you for reaching out - now it’s time to make use of some of the other things HeartSupport can offer. The streams, the free books and the app… Whatever you need. We can help you get it.

Hold Fast

I am hoping for the best for you. I am cheering you on.