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I need to confront the people who are hurting me

Levi Benton from Miss May I shares his experiences growing up separated from his family. He discusses how freeing it was to confront his family about his feelings.

Levi suggests that everyone should confront people about the hurt and pain they have caused. We know that might not always be the best option for some, but you can often feel the weight of your feelings being lifted just by writing a letter to the person who has hurt you, even if you don’t send it.

Next Steps:

  1. Ask yourself what relationship in your life feels like it is causing the most pain?
  2. Write a letter to them describing how you are feeling (don’t send it)
  3. Write down how you’re feeling after writing the letter.
  1. Last situationship
  2. Dear MJ,

The way you treated me is not okay, especially as a man of God. It is not okay to say one thing and do another. It’s not okay to gaslight people into believe they have made it all up in their head, and it’s not okay to just disappear. It’s not okay to send disrespectful poems or ask disrespectful questions. You don’t deserve all that I am worth and I can see that now, so this letter isn’t for me, it’s for the next girl. I am praying that before you even consider entering a friendship with another girl that you will give God the piece of your heart that so desperately needs to be healed. Until you give it to God you will continue to hurt others and yourself. I am praying their are no more casualties for your recklessness. At the end of the day I’m grateful for your disrespect because it brought me closer to God and his people, but I pray that you don’t continue to play these games.

  1. I feel better after writing this. It felt good to just write out some of what I was feeling so I was able to recognize that I’m not crazy and the way I was treated was not okay.
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  1. Past friends who left me.
  2. Dear ex-friends,

It is not okay you walked out of my life. You don’t know what I gone through or know me well enough. I love you so much. I show it with my words, my actions, and prayers. I ask questions: Did you really care about me? Did you pretend to be my friend? What are you hiding? Why did you betray me? Are you coming back and beg for forgiveness? I cannot wait for you anymore. It is not going to happen. I don’t want to forgive you because you don’t deserve it, but I need to. God commands me to do so. He wants me to let it go. I denied I miss you. I really do miss you. You gave me good memories. I want to say goodbye to you. God bless you.



  1. I feel better after writing a letter. I will get better one day at a time.