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I need to get over him, but i don't know how

we’re best friends, and as soon as we met we automatically clicked. i was positive it was a soulmate connection, actually. maybe even twin flames! we have exactly the same personalities, hobbies, interests. but i began liking him. I was so disappointed about that, but i’ve liked him for a year now. I’ve only had a crush on one person before, and that one lasted 6 years. Clearly i have a knack for liking people for long periods of time. I don’t like to use the term love since i’m still young and probably don’t understand fully the complexity of that emotion (i’m 14) but i do think what i feel for this person in question is very close to love. I liked him expecting nothing in return. He’s bisexual with high male preference, and i’m female, so that resulted in my chances being very low already. I thought i would just tell him about my feelings to nip the problem at the bud, but his response only made me like him more. But I’m bisexual too, so i still held on to a sliver of hope that maybe there was still a chance. He just came out to me as “a generally aromantic person”, however, and said that i don’t need “no stupid man” in my life. So, there it goes, all my chances. I’m annoyed at myself for still holding on to a little bit of hope. That’s very selfish of me, isn’t it? Especially since i swore that i would have feeling for him without expecting him to reciprocate. But at this point it’s better for me to get over him. Unfortunately, since we’re best friends, he does things on the daily that make my feelings for him deeper. I do feel like he shows his affection in these ways since he feels bad that he can’t give me his romantic love, but how do I get over him?

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Hey @briejch

I am glad you found someone that shares similar interests and hobbies with you especially since you can call him a best friend. You took a bold step of telling him your true feelings which is a good thing because it clears the air in the friendship. There is still hope for you two still hanging out together as “friends” as long as nothing comes between you two, do not put pressure on him for romance.

Being a bi-sexual myself i kinda understand of wanting to like someone but being afraid of any feelings and a relationship.

Since both of you are 14ish you still have a lot of fun ahead of you and can grow either closer or further from each other. You two have to have that conversation over time and if anything happens you can choose to get over him. There is time still for “love”

Keep reaching out friend

Eric F.

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