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I Need to Let Out How I’m Feeling

I don’t exactly know what I want to say I just know I need to express how I’m feeling in someway. I’ve recently been admitted into college which is great, but the wait for the semester to start feels ages away. And I’ve also had some major life changes recently, like being in and getting out of a bad relationship. But I’ve felt extremely down lately. I stay in bed most of the time, I want to sleep all day, and I haven’t had a big appetite. I just feel so alone. I spent most of my time alone, I don’t have any friends to spend time with or talk to, which is why I’m here. It’s getting harder and harder to distract myself so the days go by quicker, and it seems like this heavy feeling inside me is just getting worse and worse. I hate it when night comes along because the feeling gets so overwhelming, I’m stuck with my thoughts and I feel as though I can’t get out. I just wanted somewhere to express how I’m feeling and find someone who’ll listen to what I have to say. I don’t know…I just want this feeling to go away.

Hello Emmy, sounds like you’ve got some big changes in your life. As far as college that can go either way so make the best of it! Join some clubs, make friends with similar interest. I know the HS community is always here if you need friends or just need to vent. Feeling alone isn’t easy either, kinda going through something similar there even tho I do have people to talk to. For me it’s probably just bc of my work schedule (graveyard shift) that I don’t have many people to talk to during my day. I also know relationships can make things worse. My advice there is just roll with it, as dumb as it sounds. In my experience, the best thing to do is try to be patient and wait for someone good to come along. It took some bad breakups and me just giving up on relationships until I might my wife. Lastly, I just reccomend finding a hobby and making friends through it. There’s a community for everything and there’s the loving community of Heart Support. Anyways sorry this was so long. Hope it helps

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Thanks for your response Trevor, it does help :slight_smile:

Any time. Let me or anyone know if you need to vent more

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I will, thank you <3

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