I need to talk about myself

I’ve had this on my mind for a real long time. And my therapist helped me put the pieces in place to just to realize I’m not wanted. Not by family, people, no one.

I’m sick of living. I’ve posted here about how I want to commit suicide but this year, I tried 8 different times with pills and a hanging.

There is nothing here for me to stay. I just want to die.

I’m sorry you’re feeling this way, life is hard. Sometimes going away seems easier. But keep in mind there’s more to life than people. Yes they play a big part, but there’s more to life. Our time on earth is an opportunity, to see things to experience things, have moments to appreciate the great universe. If the people suck then try to leave them out and spend time with yourself. If you spend energy in trying to build life instead of killing it maybe this will change things. Stay strong, you’re not alone, and there’s more humans in the world than you’re currently exposed to