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I open to my therpist


I open to my therpist for the first time about my abusive past with my dad we talk a little about it but not much i told her what i feel comfortable telling her and she don’t pressure me into talking about it she told i can tell her stuff i feel comfortable telling her and im ready i love this therpist im so happy i switch to this person


Hey @Jaceofspade - I’m really happy to hear that you’re loving your new therapist! You definitely made a great choice for yourself by deciding to see a counselor to talk about your past, in addition to learning how to overcome your demons. You have a bright future ahead of you! We’re proud of you. :slight_smile:


Thank you Eric i’m trying right now the demon is hitting me hard and im having a hard time fighting it ;( it posted it about on another post :frowning:


@Jaceofspade I’m glad you felt you could open up about that to your therapist. Having a good relationship with them is crucial. I hope you can keep that trust going. We’re proud of you. Keep fighting.

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