I paid my final respects

Today I went to the funeral of my stepdad and the whole family was there and close friends and we were finally able to pay our final respects. It was emotional for me especially for my mom but at least I was able to go and be present. I know he is in a better place with God and he is at peace. I love him much and I hope to one day see him again in the resurrection.


I’m so sorry for your loss, I hope in some way you all found comfort being together. Knowing that you shared a love and a connection.
Take care of yourself


No doubt your presence was appreciated.

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From: twixremix

hey ranma! i’m really happy you could be there at the funeral for your stepdad. i can only imagine how much your mom appreciated you being there alongside her. wishing you and your family peace through this grieving process and sending strength to each of you. love, twix


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, ranma1983! I’m sorry you lost your stepdad. I’m glad the whole family was able to gather for the funeral and so many friends. That is always so helpful during these sad times. I hope you hold on to your faith and let it help you continue to carry you through your grief :hrtlegolove:



Hey @ranma1983 It’s good that you were able to be there with your family to pay your respects. I’m sorry you lost him and the hope you have to see him one day again is inspiring. ~Mystrose


My condolences for you and your family @ranma1983

I’m sure this has to be a really tough time and your mom appreciated you being there.

If you can, make sure to keep up regular connections with her(if you don’t already). Lots of times people get a ton of support right at the time of loss and then suddenly nothing. Especially in cases where their partner is gone.

I hope y’all are doing OK, and wish comfort and healing hearts to you <3 Mish


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