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I promise that I would try it

HeartSupport Safety Plan

This is my 7-step plan to keep me safe in difficult moments I face. I’ve thought through these steps in advance to make it easier for myself to get help when I need it.

STEP 1 - Warning Signs

Signs that a crisis may be developing (thoughts, images, mood, situation, behavior).

  • Sign 1 - I start to have looping thoughts of worthlessness
  • Sign 2 - I start to talk less and seem to be more fidgety
  • Sign 3 - I stop pushing my hair out of the way
  • Sign 4 - I try to isolate myself as not to hurt people
  • Sign 5 - I start to cry and stop looking at people so they don’t see it

STEP 2 - Internal Coping Strategies

Things I can do to take my mind off problems without contacting another person (relaxation technique, physical activity, etc.)

  • Strategy 1 - Compose music
  • Strategy 2 - Watch YouTube
  • Strategy 3 - Read books
  • Strategy 4 - Hide under sheets
  • Strategy 5 - Hug Tommy (stuff animal)
  • Strategy 6 - Pet cats

STEP 3 - Worth Living For

Things that are most important to me and worth living for (these can be big or small, anything from loved ones to your morning coffee)

  • Live For 1 - My friends and family
  • Live For 2 - Space
  • Live For 3 - Music
  • Live For 4 - Science
  • Live For 5 - History

STEP 4 - Supporters

People whom I can ASK FOR HELP (friends or family who you can call at anytime for support)

  • Supporter 1 - Liv
  • Supporter 2 - Skyler
  • Supporter 3 - Danielle
  • Supporter 4 - Breyan

STEP 5 - Professional Help

Professionals or agencies I can contact in a crisis

  • Name & Number of Clinician - Don’t know
  • Name & Number of Local Urgent Care Services - 911
  • Preferred Crisis Service (Choose one of the below)
    • (Text) Crisis Textline - text HOME to 741741
    • (Call) Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • (Text) Trevor Project LGBTQ+ - text START to 678678

STEP 6 - Safe Environment

Things I can do to make the environment safe

  • Safety 1 - Remove my pillow
  • Safety 2 - Stay away from knives
  • Safety 3 - Be near people
  • Safety 4 - Tell someone how I’m feeling

STEP 7 - My Signature

By inputting my forum username below, I am committing to utilizing this safety plan in my next high intensity moment when I need support.


P.S. I’ll be updating this occasionally when I think of things or find something that helps me so don’t worry if this suddenly is back in the feed.


Hi Paladin.
When i first wrote on heartsupport i was in a really bad place. You were one of the people that tried to help me and show me that there is another way than suicide. I did still try to kill myself two days later and ended up in psychward but that day i was so glad that someone took the time and tried to bring some hope into my life. That day i was too far gone to be helped by just that but as i wrote my thoughts here i eventually got better day by day.

The day i tried to kill myself i decided not to jump in front of the train. I decided to give life one more chance. There were many reasons for that but one of them was the support of people here on heartsupport including you. You matter Paladin. You are not a bad person and you matter. Your voice matters. Your support matters. Your love matters. Please remember that.
I hope your life will get better.
Take care.



First off thanks for your words they mean a lot. They really do. That day when I helped you I wanted to help you and I’m glad that I was able to help you. I’ll try to remember that I matter but it gets hard to remember when you’re feeling so worthless. Thank you for responding and I hope you continue to get better.


Well done @Paladin. It’s amazing that you’ve decided to do this safety plan. Also “space”? Heck yeah! Absolutely LOVE this reason to keep on trying. (Well they’re all amazing, but you’ve triggered a nerd chord right there. :p)

On a more serious note, ever since you’ve been in this community, you’ve never ceased to amaze and inspire me for your strength, bravery, vulnerability and care. Your willingness to try and to keep trying is admirable and I respect you a lot. Your presence makes a real difference. In the life of the people closest to you, and the ones you interact with in this community. Thank you for being. Your worth is immesurable.

PS - @Ashwell @Paladin So very proud of you both. It is an understatement to say how grateful I am to see you both here today. There might be storms that hit us from time to time. But we are not alone. Together we are stronger. Always.



Thanks I love space and hope one day I get to do something involving it. Thanks for saying all the kind words I hope I can believe those things about myself some day.


I think these steps will help me in the future because I’ve been dealing with allot these past two weeks and it’s been super rough to just get out of bed every morning


I’m glad that this could help you. I hope you feel better and know that you are worth it


Thank you that means allot :heart: