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I Promise to Stay (Ty Heart Support)

Life is difficult, but this comfy hoodie makes it a heck of a lot easier to deal with :purple_heart: Thanks to a donor, this hoodie was a gift and I don’t know how else to reach out to say thank you :two_hearts:

I often deal with intrusive thoughts and just remembering the message on the hoodie helps remind me that things are going to be okay and there is hope. I’m wearing it now as I binge YouTube videos and I am so comfortable :drooling_face:

Things are looking better recently and I’ve started therapy as well, which has already been going pretty decently so far. I feel like I’m finally moving forward as a person :heart:

Thank you to all of you here for your love and support and thank you to Heart Support for spreading such a positive message and vibe everywhere :black_heart:


That’s so awesome! It does look pretty cozy too. :rose: :fire:


It’s so good to hear and see how much growth has been happening for you. You’ve personally never ceased to impress and inspire me with your unstoppable willingness to move forward and seek help. It is a real strength to know and acknowledge when it is appropriate to say that we need help. You can be so proud of yourself.

Thank you for staying and choosing life.

Thank you for your resilience and vulnerability.

Thank you for being. :hrtlegolove:


Hi I am glad that you are making such progress. Personally I love comfortable clothes and especially hoddies. Let this one make you warm in the coldest of days :wink: