I Quit Doing Delivery

I took up a job working with Amazon Flex and it was a nightmare. They gave me too many packages to deliver 43 in total and my phone wasn’t working and car charger broke and the last 4 packages I couldn’t deliver them because my phone died. I will not work delivery again it’s a bullshit job with bullshit wages. My day was wasted. These courier jobs burn people out and it’s very stressful. I’m so glad I Quit.

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Sounds like you are trying to better yourself with a new job that’s always a good change. Are you going to look into any other type of driving gig?


Hey @ranma1983,

Delivery jobs have multiplied and when I see the very short delivery times that exist nowadays, that people are sometimes driving from 7am to 23pm, with real-time tracking… I can’t help but being worried about the health of those who are doing it. I worked in a sorting center for a while (a factory, we prepared mails and orders for the deliverymen), and cadence was a nightmare. I remember some colleagues who have been working there for a very long time and physically they were just broken (if it wasn’t mentally too).

I can’t imagine the work conditions with Amazon Flex… 43 packages? This is madness. But yet sometimes people even come to grumble because they had their microwave one hour late. :expressionless: We don’t talk enough about this. Thank you very much for sharing here.

I sincerely hope you’ll find a new job that will be much better for you.

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No I’m going back to Tutoring again. That was my original job, I’m a teacher by profession and education. Delivery was just a part thing but still it was too much and I had to use my own car and they didn’t pay for millage and I worked overtime.

Thanks for understanding @Micro. My heart goes out for anyone doing delivery work Let it be Amazon Flex, PostMates, Door Dash etc. It’s dangerous and risky and the customers are just nasty and ungrateful to you. I’ve heard horror stories of workers getting robbed,shot, asssulted and killed just by delivering packages. It’s not worth it. It makes me angry that all these companies exploit people and profit at our expense.

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