I really am pathetic

Everything was fine, I was enjoying a stream, hanging out in my room, having fun. Everything went fricking downhill. I tried to clip this funny part of the stream but it wouldn’t load, by the time I got it to load the point I wanted to clip was past. Now a different person would probably either be like “ok no big deal” , or “I’ll just find it again and clip it there.” But what do I do instead?? I get all mad about it and come to the verge of tears!! Then it happened again! And guess what?? I’m so upset and now I’m shedding a few tears! Oh but it doesn’t end there!! I’m like “I’ll go downstairs and hang out with my mom and vent to her and stuff. Well guess what?? She’s asleep. So Now I’m crying and shit over nothing!! I have nowhere to turn to, everything is fucking going wrong, and I’m a pathetic bitch that cry’s at even the slightest things. I wouldn’t be surprised if this didn’t post, because everything I touch breaks and everything I want to happen doesn’t. Just… fuck it. (Ugh and I bet that I’m going to be called a fucking attention seeker because that’s what everyone does.)

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Hey there,

I don’t think you’re an attention seeker. I think it’s important to vent because no matter what it is, big or small, your feelings are valid and it’s ok to get upset. Its ok to feel your emotions and if that means crying then that’s ok! I’m sorry your day took a negative turn, but I hope posting here and kind of venting about it helps a little. So, know that your feelings are valid!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

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thanks, im always so insecure about being called an attention seeker because i hate being faulely accused and i have been called an attention seeker too many times. i just dont think i can handle another one of those, you know? and like before all of this, my day was amazing, i had an early out at school, i got a book that i was waiting for, and just an overall feeling of being ok. but then this happened and its like “why??” and i just hate it. and then theres the fact that im crying over something thats like no big deal to everyone else and it just proves how pathetic and emotionaly weak i am. ugh emotions are so weird and i really dislike it.

I can definitely relate to that. The day is going fine and then one thing kind of sets it off and like you said its like why? Why am I getting upset over this? But I’ve found that trying not to compare my emotions to others and just letting myself feel my emotions helps even though it isn’t always the best feeling. So, I would really encourage you to cut yourself some slack and know that even though emotions and feelings are sometimes difficult to deal with and understand, they’re there for a reason. So I hope you can still find time to enjoy your new book and take some time for yourself even though today had its rough moments.

~Hannah Rhodes