I really don't get my mom

My mom is such a unhappy bitch I’m sitting in the living room where Ive been alone ALL day and my mom decides to come in and sit with me and not really say anything Im flipping through YouTube and turn on pro wrestling highlights and my mom just goes “it’s so stupid I don’t get how you and your dad liked this stuff” and I told her “it’s prowrestling it’s a live action cartoon” and then she shifts through the big basket of Halloween candy we have and she cant find a candy bar cuz my brother and I have been snacking through it all and she bitches about how me and my brother are selfish and it’s like no mom you expect everyone to just leave you shit for weeks or months and it’s not gonna happen you don’t take a bunch for your self u don’t tell anyone hey save some for me you literally just EXPECT US to read your fuckin mind she just dosent communicate at all she’s unhappy that the house is dusty even tho we JUST DUSTED AND CLEANED THE HOUSE LAST WEEKEND she is never happy and I honestly prefer her being sad and depressed and alone in her room then with us at this point and that upsets me not cuz she’s my mother she’s only my mother cuz I was birthed from her it bothers me as someone who cares about other humans

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Sorry you had a negative encounter with your mother.

I’ve been known to say this, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. What made you angry about that?

If you were in her shoes, wouldn’t you feel the same way? I know that a lot of things trigger you, so I’m pretty sure there would be a post about it here on the wall. Anyone would be upset or even hurt about that. I bet she would have really appreciated it if you had made sure there were a couple for her and probably wouldn’t have complained about the house being dusty. When I get mad, I will nit pick everything. Wouldn’t it have made you feel good if someone had picked out a couple candy bars for you before they were all gone?

It’s nice to think of other people. :hrtlegolove:

It’s alot more then just that she’s miserable and unhappy with her self she’s not working towards healing her trauma she’s burying it deeper and deeper and deeper and her drinking is making her brain rot but she won’t listen to me and my brother she won’t listen to doctors she will only listen to the people at her job who tell her “your too strong for a doctor your too strong to need help” but instead she takes any tiny thing and blows it outta the water I’ve talked about how she treats me before on here and I only talk about the stuff that actually sticks with me she says plenty of ignorant and insensitive things daily she’s a bitter hateful person

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My father was very abusive and would say horrible things to me, so I can relate to you. I can understand that this was something that added to the pile. I’m glad you’re able to come here and write about it.

I’m sorry that your living situation is so unsupportive. :hrtlegolove:

Thank you and I know you were trying to approach my original post as impartial and understanding and I appreciate it I hope I didn’t come off as rude

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Nope you’re fine. I just needed more context :slight_smile:

From: I Am Reclaimer

hey friend, Your post reminds me of how I felt about my dad when I was younger. While I know how seriously annoying this kind of stuff is with your parents, especially because it’s probably the most recent small things in a very, very long list of things that have built up to this post. I used to get into verbal fights with my dad. Told him I hated him, etc because of the things he did and said. What I didn’t realize until I was older is that my dad was just trying to do his best. He’s a human, too. Flawed, imperfect and filled with their own unresolved trauma and depression that they didn’t get help with. As much as these things are irritating, they’re a small cry for help, love, and attention that should be more closely watched and responded to. The fact that she has stints being a lone and depressed in her room alone is the definitive sign that she needs help.