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I really hate this

I called my grandma and tried telling her what happened and what my voices were telling me about about my graphic Hallucinations, but she wouldn’t listen and kept telling me to tell my voices to go away, and talk myself out of it, and that I’ll be fine.


Then it’s time to escalate the situation and call an emergency service for assistance


I wish that I could…

I wish that I could.

You can, @anon3821937. Even though it is probably scary/stressful. It feels impossible as it would imply some drastic changes in your life, but it not impossible. There ar epeople out there who will be willing to listen to you and help you practically. We want to help you here and support you, but this is an emergency situation. If we could take the steps for you, we would. But you need to do it. There is no other thing more important than your safety and well-being right now. Everything else has to be secondary.


okay let’s see:

  • if you do nothing, what happens? you keep blacking out? hallucinating? start acting on those hallucinations? what’s the point of suffering you think is unacceptable? When do you think you need help?
  • are you going to throw away your meds and suffer in silence?
  • are you going to make one call that can provide relief?
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I’m not going to throw away my meds.

I would try to go and get help but money is thight right now.

I’m already blacking out, I’m already am Hallucinating.

I’m too afraid to make the call…

Money should be secondary right now. I know it’s easy for me to say it, and it is a real stress, especially in US where healthcare is quite special. But an emergency is an emergency, friend. The rest might need to be figured out afterwards.

Do you know already how are your medical needs taken care of (your meds, your doctors appointments, etc)? Do you have an insurance?

It is normal to be afraid of making the call. It’s scary to use our voice in order to be heard - and it should be so much easier to get the help we need in general. You don’t deserve to be in this situation. Although what is right is generally uncomdortable, but that doesn’t mean it is unsafe. On the contrary, staying in the same situation right now is not suitable at all.

I know you can do this. :hrtlegolove:


I don’t know how my medical needs are ment, I do have insurance.

I don’t know how my medical needs are ment, I do have insurance…

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Do you have access to the documents of your insurance in which it would say what it actually covers financially?

It is more than likely that it would cover emergency situations like going to the hospital for a check-in or quick care. What costs really is being hospitalized, having a bedroom and having specific examinations to attend to. As you have been already diagnosed and have been receiving medications, you’d certainly have a meeting/conversation with a doctor in order to assess your mental state at the moment and prescribe you what you need. Maybe a social worker as well if you expose your situation with your grandma/guardians and how they prevent you from getting the help you need.

Another option, one that would solve the question of costs for now, is to directly call the police to explain your situation. You’d probably be asked to meet them directly during the day, unless you are a danger to yourself right now.

Finally, depending on where you live, there might be ambulatory services for people who need psychiatric assistance. Generally, they take in account the fact that people are short on money and intervene in case of emergencies, like yours. <3


I don’t have access to the documents…

It’s okay. I was asking just in case - as something that could eventually reassure you.

By the way, this is yet another thing that is not okay in your situation. You should have access to that kind of information.


I know that I should have access to that Info.
But it’s complicated.

I know that I should have access to that Info.
But it’s complicated…

I understand. No worries. I know you are more than aware of how much the situation is wrong right now. So, I hope we don’t sound like a broken record when we respond to you here.

Do you know your local emergency number?
Or, would like us to check together on potential services in your area first?


I don’t know my local emergency number,
As for checking out on some potential services in my area.

I don’t know my local emergency number,
As for checking out on some potential services in my area…


That’s okay. I will DM you. :hrtlegolove:


Thanks, that would be great…

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Hey @anon3821937, checking in on you. How are you doing today?

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