I really just need help

hi i’m sorry for not replying to other people i just don’t know what to do rn i hate reaching out to my friends abt this but i’m 4 days clean yay but i have been sleeping over at my friends so that’s why i couldn’t have done anything but now i’m back home and it’s the only thing i am thinking of doing idk how to make it stop please help

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Hi, I’m really proud of you for making it 4 days, and I know you can make it 5! And the fact that you asked for help on here shows that you really are strong enough and want to keep going. Some advice I have is to just distract your mind while you can and make it seem like you’re not alone. Maybe play some music and keep the lights on so the mood is brighter. If you can try drawing or journaling to help you focus on something important. You can do this! I believe in you and know that you are worth so much more than your thoughts are telling you!

@Hillsdale2 -

First, way to go on making it 4 days! That is an accomplishment and I am proud of you for that!

Whenever I get to that spot, I like to take hot showers. Or, if my roommates aren’t home, I will turn on some loud music and jump around and act real spastically goofy. I figure no one can see me, so it doesn’t matter. Things like music and making my lists are my go to for keeping my mind and my hands busy.

Do you have any coping skills from the past that were able to help you?

<3 Tara

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