I really want to die, what can I do

I have been dealing with depression most of my life, I have no more power to fight it.
I don’t have family close, I don’t have any friends because nobody wants to be around someone negative like me.
I tried all kinds of treatment, I feel better for a couple days then it’s hell again.
I feel so alone and hopeless, I really just want to die. There’s no more hope for me. I’m tired of fighting.
Thanks for your time.
I just want to find a way to die.


Welcome to HS, it’s so brave of you for reaching out here and sharing your heart right now.
I know those feelings that seem to drown out the world. It feels like there’s no hope left and nowhere to turn, but I can assure you that there is hope. Sometimes it takes a hell of a lot of work, and sometimes there are days where it doesn’t feel the greatest, but life has so many beautiful moments that are just waiting for you.
I’d like to link you to the safety plan that you can choose from a category option. Something to set in place when things start to get too overwhelming that will hopefully keep you grounded and remind you that there is life to live still and that you are worth every bit of fight.

Sometimes we need to keep reminding ourselves we are worthy, and sometimes we need some extra support around us to remind us. I hope we can be that support for you.
You are so loved


Hi Friend,

Welcome to Heart Support!

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with depression and you see no hope. I struggle with similar emotions and feelings. I hope that you know you are valued here and you matter. If you’d like to talk more about what’s goin on we’d love to support you more.

Bimini has linked our Safety Plan for you. It really helps me to refer back to it when I’m feeling dark. I hope that you can take a look at it.

Take care :hrtlegolove:


Hi Friend, Thank you so much for your post and welcome to Heart Support.
I am so sorry that you are feeling this way, Depression is so very hard to manage and just when you think you have gotten on top of it, it can hit you again like a ton of bricks and take you back down but as you and I both know it is not permenant it just feels like it is, however death is and there is no coming back from that and as bad and as miserable as some days may seem there are days that feel better, days where you have felt like its worth the fight and you have no idea what your future holds and how much happiness is in that future so perhaps it may not be a time for giving up. There is hope for you friend, there is always hope. Hold on there, you have found a community that cares and understands. Much Love Lisalovesfeathers. x


Hello there,

I want to tell you how proud of you that I am for reaching out at this moment. I also want you to know that you are seen & heard at this moment. Take it one day at a time. Give yourself grace. Be kind to yourself. I believe in you so heckin’ much. You got this!!

You are valid. You are strong. You are enough. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


hey friend,

first off, i want to welcome you into the heartsupport community! thank you for joining the forum and for feeling comfortable to share what you’re going through. it’s understandable after a lifetime of feeling this way that you would feel powerless. the fight is sure to be tiring! but i hope with this response, i can show you that you are far from alone and that there is always hope. this heartsupport community is with you through it all now that you’re here - many of us walk similar journeys as you and can build one another up.

i hope you feel the love and support of this community - we also have groups on discord for focus groups, support wall action teams, and action groups to better ourselves, one another, and make this world a lil’ better. i share all of this because i felt the same way as you in early 2021, trying to find a way to die because of feeling so hopeless. but then i was embraced by this community and i feel renewed and loved and i want this same feeling for you, my friend. you deserve love, you deserve support, you deserve happiness. never lose sight of that fact. please know everyone here has your back, and will support/listen to you through it all. sending you love and restful night sleep tonight, hope to hear from you again!



Hey Ihatemylife1,

You are seen. You are heard. You are loved.

I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. Especially as you are actively pursuing treatments, and it is not working out for you. What I can say, is don’t give up hope. Life is tough, but you are tougher. I am sure there is something out there that will work for you, and let you find that balance you are looking for. Please, stay as strong as you can as you keep working towards that.

You Matter, friend.



I’m really sorry you’re going through a difficult time, I can understand and relate to some of this. Always remember that you have people you can talk to and that you matter even if you think otherwise. :blue_heart:


Hi there,

Welcome to HeartSupport. I’m so glad that you reached out and are sharing with us.

I want to start by mentioning that I can’t imagine all that you are going through; everything you mentioned sounds like such a challenge and I’m particularly sorry to hear that prior treatment attempts have been unsuccessful. That’s a lot for any one person to handle.

With that said, I also want to remind you that your relationships (or lack thereof) do not define you. You are amazing, brave (you reached out and are seeking support; that takes bravery), and strong (you’re continuing to fight through these massive challenges). You are all of those things, regardless of who else is in your life.

Again, I’m glad that you’ve joined this community. We hear you and all that you are going through. We care about you here and are always here to listen if you want to share anything with us.

<3 Tuna


I don’t want to be a burden to the people I know, they already did all the could to help.
My family lives in another country and I can’t see them.
There’s really nothing worth living for honestly.
For the second time I had a therapist stop talking to me which just reassured how unwanted I am and how there’s nothing to be done to help me.