I regret post my ex friend name on here/ posting on social media

I don’t if I can’t change or get over her… ( I don’t want anyone input, don’t what to hear.)

I regret posting her name on here, I was shit talking on social media. I still want to talk more shit about her on here. I a lot anger and hatred towards her. But at same time love her too.

She hate me anyway, I was hoping to pissed off. So she would text me, tell me I’m piece of shit. She think I’m worthless and stupid.

She a wine person that hypercritical, preaches about equality, why taking advantage of disabled person.

Now she just hate me, I can’t just walk away. She will forget about me. She won’t even care if I kill myself because of her.

I would be devastated if anything happen to her, that make a weak person.