I regret the stuff I said about her/ I need to let go

This going be last time I talk about her on here. I need to be honest and make it right .

It was wrong of me of posting about my friend on social media. I mention her name on here and made look like the worst human. I got processed and try to ruin her life, to hurt her. I was selfish and childish. And she did not had romantic feeling for me.

I love my friend but we had to part ways. She had a boyfriend and I did not respect her space. I kept guilt tripping her, and I destroyed our memory.

I’m still hurt with her, she was there in my darkest hours, but I expected her to be perfect. I don’t know if I can see in person. However, I had amdit we had good memories. She taught me a lot of things about myself.

People need stop saying that she use me, that only hurts me and does not make me move on from her. Yes , she kinda a self righteous woke person and had own issues, but she was my friend.

Please don’t give any input on this one, stop blaming her for my mental health problems. It was trama from my past that made me sad, and broken.

I’m greatful to met her, I will respect her space and I wish her well. I hope that I can heal from this and be a better person.

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I love that despite your struggle, your wisdom continues to grow.